A classic LEGO theme is coming back

From the LEGO back catalogue, one classic theme is being resurrected – for one set only.

The 90 year anniversary of LEGO will take place next year, and to celebrate the company is bringing back one classic theme, for one special adult targeted set. Fans can head over to LEGO Ideas right now and vote for their favourite from a list of 30 beloved LEGO themes. Don’t be surprised to see Blocks magazine’s Graham and Daniel already wearing their pirate hats.

When voting closes on January 25, the list will be whittled down to the three most popular options. Then, from February 3, everyone will be able to vote again for their favourite from the three. Whichever theme wins will get a special, one-off LEGO set next year.

The winner will not be announced until 2022, closer to when the set is released – so there’ll be plenty of time to anticipate the final result.

To vote for the classic LEGO theme that you would like to see return for a special one-off product, visit the LEGO Ideas blog here.

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