What will LEGO fans find in Blocks magazine?

Blocks magazine brings a monthly dose of LEGO to fans around the world in the form of a 116-page print magazine (although you can also get a digital copy if you prefer). If you haven’t picked a copy up before, or in a while, you might be wondering what you get within those pages.

Here is what you can find every month in the LEGO magazine…

Behind-the-scenes at LEGO

For unparalleled insight into what goes on at the LEGO headquarters in Billund, Denmark, you need to check out the exclusive features in Blocks magazine. Whether it’s how Collectible Minifigures were invented, how LEGO Star Wars has evolved over two decades or what went into developing Monkie Kid for China, Blocks has access to the LEGO creative geniuses who make the magic happen.

Classic and retro LEGO sets

In Blockstalgia you’ll find the vintage LEGO sets you grey up with. Whether it’s Space, Castle, Pirates, Town, Paradisa, Vikings, each month a different classic theme goes under the spotlight, as the Blocks team remembers what these themes means to them.

We also take the classic themes and reimagine them for modern times – using the instructions, you can create a modern version of a LEGO Pirates ship, a Western saloon or an Adventurers car.

LEGO in real life

The scientist who uses LEGO Technic to examine his insect specimens. The educator helping children with autism. The braille bricks that the LEGO Group is using to support visually impaired students.

Find out how the humble LEGO brick is able to impact the world around us in these in-depth features that focus on surprising places where our hobby makes a real difference.

Improve your LEGO building

How many thousands of LEGO bricks do you have? Our resident expert reveals how to take those bricks and build something amazing with them. No matter what your skill level, there’s a method you haven’t seen before that you’ll be itching to try out in your next model.

LEGO community showcase

Some of the world’s finest LEGO builders share their incredible creations in Month in MOCs and Ideas Showcase, demonstrating the creativity of the worldwide fanbase. We even persuade them to share tips and techniques that you can use in your own projects.

Ugly Duckling by Kristel Whitaker

LEGO set reviews

Blocks is a magazine by LEGO fans for LEGO fans. Using our expertise, we examine the latest releases to give you an idea of what to expect from each set. You’ll be able to tell if a LEGO set is for you, if it’s best for display only or whether the minifigures make it worth buying – and every now and again, you’ll even find one to definitely avoid.

Inside the LEGO news

Every issue, Blocks goes deeper into the latest LEGO news. By asking the key questions, sharing additional context and demonstrating how the latest news affects your hobby, it’s an opportunity to really review what is going on each month in the world of LEGO.

As you can see, Blocks magazine really is the ultimate celebration of LEGO! To find out yourself, try out a single issue – or just save time and set that subscription up right now!

To get Blocks every month – at a discount and earlier than the shops – order a 12-month or 24-month subscription. Direct debit payment options are available too; to find out more get in touch via subs@silverbackpublishing.rocks.

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