What are the rarest LEGO minifigures?

Everyone knows Mr. Gold fetches a pretty penny online, but he’s far from the rarest LEGO minifigure out there. Just ask Shawn Storoe, the man behind minifigpriceguide.com. Or, better yet, let us do the hard work for you by picking up the latest issue of Blocks magazine.

In a special in-depth feature, we chat to Shawn about how he built the Minifigure Price Guide, what constitutes a truly rare minifigure, and how collectors manage to get their hands on them. Some of these tiny plastic people are so ridiculously rare that they don’t appear for decades after they’re manufactured, while others can command eye-watering five-figure sums.

We’ve also spoken to LEGO minifigure fanatic Samuel Burkhardt, who you might know on Instagram as @rarest_lego_minifigures. Samuel currently owns a handful of those ultra-rare characters, including some highly sought-after metal Star Wars minifigures. Samuel reveals how he started amassing his one-of-a-kind collection, and gives a few tips on how you can get started.

To find out more about the world of rare minifigure collecting, you’ll need to order a copy of Issue 69. Alternatively, check out our subscription deals, which can be started with Issue 69. Subscribers get the magazine early, free copies of the mag, and exclusive entry into our bi-monthly subscribers’ prize draw. Signing up between now and September 1 will put you in the running for 80009 Pigsy’s Food Truck.

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