Unusual ideas for displaying your LEGO sets

Displaying LEGO models is almost as fun as the actual build. Finding the exact right spot for it, positioning the model just so, and then staring at it with satisfaction. There are countless ways to display LEGO models of all sizes, from creating dioramas to mixing the brick with real-life objects. Maybe you’d like some inspiration for where to put your new model? Or perhaps you want to try something a little different from the usual shelf? 

If there’s one thing we love here at Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, it’s creative and curious ways to display the brick. Here are some neat ideas, whether you’re thinking of remodelling or displaying LEGO for the first time…

Hide it

You heard that right! Hide a LEGO model on a bookshelf or in a planter full of succulents. It’s a way to bring a surprise to friends or relatives when they find it, or simply a covert method to display the brick in a minimalist fashion. This is perfect for displaying sets like BrickHeadz or ones that are imitating real items, like 21327 Typewriter. 

Vases, pots & more 

The LEGO Group themselves have used this technique when recently promoting 10280 Flower Bouquet. Placing LEGO into a real-life object can help to make it look more realistic and classy. It provides great contrast while still being subtle. It also works vice-versa, such as putting stationary in a brick-built pen pot, or having a LEGO frame around a photo. 

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Glass dome dioramas

Glass domes are exactly as the name suggests and usually used for fairy-lights or dried flowers. However, they’re also a neat way to create a little LEGO diorama. Just grab some minifigures or a small set to display on the wooden base. Then add anything else you want, from fake foliage, battery-operated lights or seasonal items, put the dome on top, and you’ve got a diorama to put on a table or sideboard. 

Decorative twig trees

Decorative trees? Now this one might sound particularly weird, but the decorative twig trees that can be found in most hobby stores are an unusual way to display LEGO mini-builds or minifigures. Just tie some ribbon or invisible thread to hang the bricks up. Trees don’t only need to be decorated for Christmas!

Let it fly

Maybe you’ve got some small LEGO space ships or X-wings. If that’s the case then you can use strong fishing wire to hang them from the ceiling. This is a slightly destructive method, as it involves drilling into your ceiling, so make sure you have permission before getting the DIY tools out. For models that don’t weigh much then Command hooks (available online and in most UK stores) can be stuck to smooth ceilings instead and they won’t leave any mark. 

Floating shelves 

While shelves are the go-to for displaying LEGO models of all sizes, floating shelves can be easily built if your bookcases or display cabinets are full. They can turn an empty space into a feature wall, with models at different levels or interspersed with LEGO Art. 

Boards big or small

This is a super helpful trick if you want a quick fix for putting LEGO away when it’s not being played with. By having a set on a board, whether that’s a kitchen chopping block or something out of a DIY store, then the model can be transported fully built and then slid underneath a bed or put onto a shelf. It’s practical but it can also look good, with the customisation option of painting a wooden board to match a set. 

That’s just a few fresh ideas for displaying LEGO models, minifigures and bricks. If you have an imaginative way to show-off a LEGO set, then please tell Blocks on our social media channels – we love seeing pictures of your collections! 

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