Top tips for racing success in LEGO 2K Drive

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After a good few weeks of trial and error behind the wheel, Blocks has some tips for getting to grips with LEGO 2K Drive, the open world racing game that’s packed with bricks.

Destroying the competition and bricks along the way, LEGO 2K Drive is the latest karting video game that’s made unique by its LEGO twist. Already fans have been exploring the different districts of Bricklandia, from the Western vibes of Big Butte County to partying everyday like it’s Halloween in Hauntsborough. With such a large open world to explore, there’s lots to see and do even after the main storyline is complete. 

After crashing plenty of times,Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine has some tips to help you make the most out of LEGO 2K Drive

Sometimes bigger is better

Some missions require you to go around destroying things, whether that’s a field of mushrooms or an invading army of evil robots. To make this easier, equip a big off-road vehicle that is heavy, between 5-6 heaviness, which will slow you down but make it easier to sharply turn from one target to another. 

Keep corners tight

This is true for all karting games and for good reason. Keeping tightly to inside corners can give you an edge over the competition, whether that’s other racers or racing against the clock. Practicing your drifting skills on the test tracks is well worth the effort. 

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Jumping on buildings is a great idea

Don’t feel bad about jumping onto buildings and destroying wraparound porches. Many locations throughout Bricklandia hide collectible objects that are worth a reward and help to try and get 2K Drive to the coveted 100% mark. It’s all made out of LEGO bricks and puts itself back together anyway. 

Drive on the right side of the road

Very literally! 2K Drive is designed with the USA and most of Europe in mind. So, if you’re in the UK and used to driving on the left side of the road, you might want to change lanes in order to avoid commuting minifigures… 

Fast travel is your friend 

Don’t fancy driving across a world to get to an objective? Not a problem. As you progress through the game you’ll discover garages at key locations. While these can be used to build or upgrade a vehicle, they also act as save points that you can quickly travel between. If you’ve played games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor by EA, then you’ll know that this is a real time saver. 

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Keep turbo boost for key moments 

During races your vehicle will fill up a turbo boost meter by breaking LEGO objects along the track or damaging opponent’s vehicles. Using this boost when jumping in the air or on a straight section of road is one of the most effective methods to gain an advantage and take the lead. 

Unlock the lawnmower 

Head to Big Butte County and look out for the alien minifigure on the side of the road. This is the side quest called Weed Wrangling. Completing it will give you access to an attachment that will cut down weeds in the game, which will stop slowing you down. You can do this in open world exploration and it will carry into races, which is a massive help, plus the weeds are replaced with LEGO crystal plants that refill the turbo boost meter. 

That’s some of the best tips we have for LEGO 2K Drive, but we’d love to hear what you’ve found that helps within the game. Hit the pedal to the metal and let us know your karting tricks on any of the Blocks social media channels.

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