Top five LEGO costume minifigures

Many LEGO minifigures have donned a fun outfit over the years, and Blocks is deciding the winners of the minifigure costume contest…

LEGO Collectible Minifigures came as a pleasant surprise to fans when the theme launched in 2010. It was an affordable way to collect a variety of different LEGO minifigures that often wouldn’t have appeared in any other themes. The costume characters were introduced early on, in 8803 Series 3, and were an instant hit with fans.

There have been plenty of costume characters since then, with minifigures dressing up as everything from a chicken or fox to a banana or bucket of popcorn. Every unique figure brings their own flair, and it’s difficult to pick out just a few winners. But Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, is choosing the five best LEGO minifigures in costume.

Hot Dog Suit Guy

Hot Dog Suit Guy arrived in 71008 Series 13 ready to show his love of the beloved food off to the world. The actual hot dog suit is an impressive piece, with a perfect mould and three well-defined colours for the bun, hot dog and stripe of mustard. He gets a face print with a wide smile, making for a lovable little minifigure.

Panda Suit Guy

Panda Suit Guy debuted in 71004 The LEGO Movie to coincide with his appearance in The LEGO Movie in 2014. The master builder has fairly simple detailing on his torso and legs but more than makes up for it with an adorable panda mask and cute face print underneath. The included panda accessory looks remarkably similar to the minifigure and is a great addition to an already wonderful figure.

Brick Suit Guy and Girl

Brick Suit Guy and Brick Suit Girl joined the LEGO costume party in 71021 Series 18: Party to celebrate 40 years of the minifigure. Both characters have special torsos with built-in 2×3 bricks that are fully capable of attaching to other LEGO bricks. Brick Suit Guy wears red while Brick Suit Girl wears blue, and they each come with a 1×1 plate matching the colour of their friend’s costume. Both have face prints showing them as ready to celebrate the minifigure’s birthday. These two were perfect additions to the 40th anniversary party in 2018.

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Gorilla Suit Guy

The costume that started it all was 8803 Series 3’s Gorilla. A pretty simple minifigure by today’s standards, the Gorilla Suit Guy has no leg printing and only a simple torso design similar to that of Panda Suit Guy. Where this figure shines is in the excellent gorilla mask. It sits perfectly atop the figure’s head and makes for one of the best costumed characters in the LEGO Collectible Minifigures lineup. Taking off the mask reveals a guy who seems less than pleased to be wearing the outfit, as evidenced by a confused expression and plenty of sweat dripping down his face.

Dragon Suit Guy and Green Dragon Costume

Gorilla Suit Guy thrives on simplicity; the dragon suit characters are quite the opposite. 71021 Dragon Suit Guy and 71034 Green Dragon Costume may be different minifigures but are close enough to be comfortably ranked together at the number one spot. Both dragon characters make use of three impressive moulds to make their costumes — a spike tail, wings, and dragon headpiece. Red and green are both excellent colour choices for the dragons and match well with the black details. The figures have double-sided face prints, with one side being a normal expression and the other showing them ready to breathe fire.

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