Three career tracks at the LEGO Group that aren’t ‘LEGO designer’

It’s the dream of many children – and let’s face it, adults – to become a LEGO set designer. But it’s not the right fit for everyone’s skillset, so here are some career paths that are other ways to get involved…

Have you ever written to the LEGO Group as a child, telling them with gusto that you want to be the next big LEGO designer? Who hasn’t? Maybe you’ve even attached a picture of something you’ve built, hoping they’d hire you within the week. Not every LEGO fan is the perfect fit for the respected designer role, but luckily, there’s a need for talented individuals in different disciplines throughout the company. Here are three fantastic career tracks and fields for anyone looking to work for the LEGO Group that aren’t LEGO Designer.

I create. I edit. I create again.

Are you a writer, digital expert, or visual artist at heart? You’ll be happy to know not all creatives at the LEGO Group design with bricks. If you’re keen on developing the latest brand materials and experiences for LEGO fans all over the world, there are several different creative jobs available as part of LEGO’s in-house agency network. These include but are not limited to Social Creative Specialist roles, Art Director, Copywriter and Digital Director.

If you land one of the LEGO Group’s highly coveted in-house agency jobs, you can expect to use your conceptual thinking and creative problem-solving skills every day. These jobs are perfect for those with a creative gift who can channel it in a corporate world. In all creative roles at the LEGO Group, driving business and building a creative brand for parents and fans is all in a day’s work.

In-Store is its Own Reward

Working in-store is a fantastic way to start with the LEGO Group, but it can also be a rewarding long-term career. As a sales associate, your guests will be paramount. Their experience starts with being greeted appropriately and in an engaging, gracious manner. You’ll also need to perform cash register functions and help to maintain the store stockroom as you receive the latest LEGO products.

Working in a toy store, particularly at an official LEGO Store, can be a creative experience. Interacting with children and adults means you must be flexible and fun. In return, as you demo sets and deliver stellar customer service, guests will enjoy and even return for your expertise. There’s room for growth, too – team leader and store manager openings are regularly available. Those who are searching for an electric, social and physically active career should definitely consider this.

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Never Break the Chain

Many different careers are available at the LEGO Group, but none put LEGO products in customers’ hands as literally as working in supply chain management. It’s a field that ensures the movement of goods, from the materials that go into LEGO bricks all the way through it arriving on your porch. There are many openings under the LEGO Group’s careers website in the Supply Chain category, from customer service professional to assistant buyer, import and export specialist, and demand planning manager at the retail level.

Day to day duties vary by position, but one thing is clear – while they don’t always work in the spotlight, supply chain management employees are essential and held in high regard. The LEGO Group notes of the business analyst position: ‘We are the team driving behind the scenes getting the necessary things done that are often invisible to the rest of the organization.’

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