The many LEGO Star Wars Captain Rex minifigures  

Ever since his introduction in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars theatrical release, Captain Rex has been a distinct voice in the Star Wars galaxy and has become a fan-favourite. Take a look at his evolution as a LEGO minifigure over the years…

For those about to collect, we salute you. We also wish your wallet the very best, considering that prices on these gorgeous Star Wars figures have quickly exploded, caused by this character’s well-deserved popularity and slowly diminishing supply. We’re talking about one of the most popular named clones in the entire Star Wars: galaxy – Clone Captain Rex.  

With a rich history and plenty of character development over the course of seven seasons (plus appearances in Star Wars: Rebels and Star Wars: The Bad Batch), it’s easy to see why this character is loved and appreciated by all. Here’s a list of the Captain Rex minifigures released so far, detailing their similarities and differences, as well as a bit of backstory for the uninitiated.

Clone Trooper Captain Rex, 501st Legion (Phase I) – Visor Cover

It all begins with a visor. Yes, this version of Captain Rex came out in the launch wave of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars subtheme that’s still going strong today (albeit without the weird faces). The years have been kind to the good captain, thanks to his unique design and blue colouring. The first round of sets introduced dark bluish grey helmet attachments, kamas and pauldron pieces, all of which Rex wears. The first sets to contain Captain Rex were 7675 AT-TE and an unsurprisingly scarce San Diego Comic Con bundle set, both from 2008.  

His five o’clock shadow stubbled face, Jaig Eye helmet markings and signature blue and white armour are legendary. Rex includes a squared-off visor here which can flip up and down like a welder’s helmet. He comes well-armed in the AT-TE set, fighting alongside his Jedi generals and friends Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano. That’s a good thing for the Jedi, because every time Rex raises his DC-17 blaster pistols, five battle droids end up in the scrap pile.

Clone Trooper Captain Rex, 501st Legion (Phase I – Rangefinder

Rex’s trusty rangefinder lets him get the drop on droid forces, Separatist bounty hunters and Republic insurgents. This invaluable helmet tool works much like a pair of military-grade binoculars. After flipping down in front of his eyes (a function shared in his minifigure), Rex can spot his foes from a distance, similar to but far weaker than a Jedi’s awareness of their surroundings using the Force. Perhaps he doesn’t necessarily need it as a minifigure, what with the enlarged animated series eyes he has.  

Again, the minifigure is identical to the previous entry, save for his trusty rangefinder. Same torso print, same helmet, same headprint, same everything else might have you feeling Deja Vu if you’re collecting all four of his minifigures. He came in 7869 Battle for Geonosis alongside Jedi General Luminara Unduli. Fighting alongside a Jedi isn’t such a bad gig, especially when you’re up against a Separatist proton cannon. Rex with his rangefinder has shot up considerably in value, but he’s nowhere near as expensive as the next entry.  

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Clone Trooper Captain Rex, 501st Legion (Phase II) – Blue Cloth Pauldron, Black Cloth Kama

By the time Captain Rex had donned his Phase II armour, he was weathered by the Clone Wars. Squaring off against the traitorous and much-hated Jedi Master Pong Krell, surviving the aftereffects of Order 66 and building a network for surviving clones in Star Wars: The Bad Batch was a true gauntlet. The final season only grew this Clone Captain’s popularity, as Rex showed deep emotion and had the strongest character arc of all the clones by the time he wore this armour.  

O Captain! O Captain! My poor wallet is done. The famous Phase II Captain Rex is easily the most expensive Captain Rex minifigure on the aftermarket, though at release he was featured in the cheapest set across his five different appearances. The 75012 BARC Speeder with Sidecar was not slept on, but time has worn out the supply in the face of extreme demand. Uniquely, the Phase Two Rex features a cloth kama and pauldron instead of plastic, as well as intricate detailing and black short blaster pistols. There’s no telling what the future will hold for Rex minifigures, but one thing’s for sure – this piece from the past is a masterpiece.

Captain Rex – Old (Star Wars Rebels)

He may have aged, but in Rex’s book, experience outranks everything. Rex’s role as an ally of the Spectres after the Clone Wars ended took him to a place far away from the clone barracks. It left him trudging across the arid planet Seelos in a reworked AT-TE. Two survivors of Order 66 and the decommissioning of the Clones joined him; Captain Gregor and Commander Wolffe. Together, the three would join the Rebel Alliance and participate in the Liberation of Lothal.  

When it comes to Captain Rex’s LEGO minifigures, the wizened Captain Rex is very plain by comparison. His torso features accurate detailing (including the signature light blue weld lines), as well as an expressive face, but no helmet and plain pants makes Rex a dull clone. Oddly, the set he appears in, 75157 Captain Rex’s AT-TE, has the famed clone facing off against the menacing Imperial Inquisitor Fifth Brother plus a Stormtrooper with nothing but a long black blaster and his clone brothers. Where are the Jedi when you need them? Oh, wait…

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