The five best LEGO pets

There’s no doubt that having a pet can enrich your life – even if your pet is made from plastic. The LEGO Group has released countless brick-built animal sets over the years, from massive beasts to the smallest of birds. Choosing a pet is never easy, so let this guide be your faithful companion. BLocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, has selected the five best LEGO pet sets…

5. 40443 Budgies

Several BrickHeadz Pets sets were released in 2021 and 2022, but few are quite as colourful and vibrant as 40443 Budgies. The set includes a pair of gorgeous birds in the LEGO Group’s signature BrickHeadz style, platforms for them to sit on and a base for display. Using different sloped pieces on the side of the adult budgie’s head creates the appearance of tuft and feathers, while angled plates are used for its tucked-back wings.

There’s no denying that the BrickHeadz sets have advanced and evolved over the years. They’ve truly spread their wings, going from focusing solely on film tie-ins to capturing subjects from real life, mythology and fiction as well. The set is inexpensive, yet still includes 261 pieces, making it perfect for children and adults to capture their favourite birds. It’s also a great alternative to the real thing if you live in an apartment or even to teach a child how to take care of a pet.

4. 4958 Monster Dino

This entry may be a bit of a stretch, but hey – at least this model CAN stretch. This remote-control, motorized marvel would make the perfect pet for someone who’s handy and likes to customize their sets. You’ll love its Technic gearing that allows it to walk and bite, as well as a rare sound brick. Right out of the box, you can build the headliner dinosaur, a creepy spider, or a thrashing crocodile. There are a lot of useful parts for motorising the models from your collection, too.

As the most functional set on this list, perhaps the only disappointing thing about 4958 Monster Dino is how many of its gears and beams are not covered up. On the other hand, that means the mechanisms are on full display, perfect for Technic or Mindstorms fans. Plus, those neat phosphorescent green spines are the perfect finishing touch on this dinosaur, which weighs in at 792 pieces.

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3. 31137 Adorable Dogs

Sure, they won’t bark, woof, or sniff, but these LEGO Creator animals will make you howl. It’s easy to fall in love with their massive, goofy eyes and cartoony proportions, but this is also a highly appealing set at a fantastic value. It’s three great dog builds and an ample number of accessories in one box, made from 475 pieces. No strings attached, though leashes are recommended.

Of course, in line with most LEGO Creator sets, there are two alternate builds that let you build a pug and a schnauzer or a dachshund and a husky with the same pieces. Each model oozes style and features stellar design techniques, appealing far beyond the recommended 7+ age rating for this set. Who doesn’t love dogs, let alone ones you’ll never have to clean up after?

2. 76391 Hogwarts Icons – Collectors’ Edition

For sheer accuracy, you can’t beat this massive model of Hedwig, Harry Potter’s snowy owl pet, sitting on a roost of schoolbooks. This is the largest set on the list at 3,010 pieces and its only licensed entry. The model portrays this gorgeous bird of prey spreading her wings with the urge to soar. Needless to say, you can’t keep Hedwig down, let alone cage her.

Perhaps in an imaginative fantasy setting that’s anything but ordinary, having a pet snowy owl with no magical powers is a nice change of pace. To some, making Hedwig a stationery model may have been a miss, but there hasn’t been a more accurate bird or animal to date. The top model on this list wins due to its accuracy and articulation, making it more than a statue.

1. 31129 Majestic Tiger

What’s more majestic than a growling, striped tiger with intimidating fangs? One that won’t chase you down the halls or scratch up your furniture. It’s a set that combines printed parts with incredible building techniques to create stripes and designs, plus the opportunity to create some really fun poses. The main model is a masterpiece, but you’ll also love its alternate red panda and koi fish builds.

What makes this set so special is that despite its joints and articulation, it maintains accuracy to a real tiger with paw pads, black eyes with bright pupils, and… something very anatomically correct, made from a flower piece. The set also includes a long-beaked bird on a jungle base, eager to sip nectar from the leaves. It was arguably one of the best sets of 2022 and it deserved much of the buzz it got, despite not being a massive collectors set at just 755 pieces.

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