The best moments in the LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales trailer

Following on from the success of the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special last Christmas, another animated special is coming as a creepy full-length feature for this Halloween. LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales follows Resistance ace-pilot Poe Dameron as he’s stranded on Mustafar and reaches the sanctuary of Darth Vader’s castle, which is now a luxury themed resort. You read that right! In the typical tongue-in-cheek style of the LEGO animated content, Graballa the Hutt is back with another business venture, this time trying to turn the Sith into a fun time.

After glimpsing the cameos and laughing at the jokes, Blocks is picking out the five best moments from the Terrifying Tales trailer…

Darth Vader Animatronic

Welcoming guests to the revamped Sith castle hotel is Darth Vader himself, or at least an animatronic one. He’s a lot friendlier than his real-life counterpart, with better marketing skills too. Things very rarely go right for Graballa though, and the malfunctioning Vader is a sure sign that the rest of the feature will be full of gags and capers.

Ren – Master of the Knights of Ren

Although the Knights of Ren are instantly recognisable to Star Wars fans, their leader may come as a surprise. Before Kylo Ren came along their master was Ren, who was created by Charles Soule for The Rise of Kylo Ren comic series from Marvel. It’s the first time that a character has gone directly from comic to minifigure, proving that the writers must have been immersed in the lore when devising this special.

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Tales from Vaneé

After getting a brief cameo in Rogue One as Darth Vader’s aide, Vaneé lived on in another comic series, Tales from Vader’s Castle, which hints at where the original idea for this special may have come from. His spooky yet funny ghost-story voice sounds perfect and from the trailer it appears we’re getting three tales in one.

Halloween costumes

It’s highly unlikely we’ll get any tie-in minifigures for this LEGO film, but the details that have gone into the character costumes are still brilliant. A brief glimpse of skeletal painted stormtrooper armour, Poe in a skeleton jumper and even a glowing red-eyed battle droid. Halloween looks good on Star Wars and it’s sure to inspire fans to modify some of their own minifigures.

Alternate reality Luke

In a move that feels very much like something out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially the new What If…?, Luke joins the Imperial flight academy. Seeing what could have happened if the farm-boy had joined the Empire rather than the Rebellion is sure to confuse and delight fans at the same time. If one thing is certain from this trailer, it’s that there’s going to be nothing predictable about Terrifying Tales.

It may be under two-minutes long but the Terrifying Tales trailer teases plenty of Halloween action and these are just some of what we spotted. Come tell Blocks on our social media channels what you’re most excited for!

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