Six LEGO minifigures fans need from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

As Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gets a final trailer before its much-anticipated release next month, which characters do fans need as LEGO minifigures?

Set five years after Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Cal Kestis is still on the run from the Empire and trying to avoid the evil grasp of the Inquisitors. As the galaxy continues to fall into darkness, a new enemy is rising, a figure from the past who could alter Cal’s future forever. As the LEGO Star Wars theme dives further into the gaming side of the galaxy, through sets like 75335 BD-1, there’s every possibility that more sets will be designed based on these titles.

So, with plenty of fan favourite characters from the original game and its sequel promising even more, which could become minifigures? 

Cal Kestis 

Since being on the run from the Empire, Cal’s looking a bit more rugged in this new game. His practical gear would need plenty of printing for its multiple pockets on the jacket and the pouches along his belt. Reddish tan would work perfectly for his dark red hair, and he could actually use the same hair piece as General Hux. There’s already a mould for BD-1 from 75325 N-1 Starfighter, so Cal can have his loyal droid buddy by his side. 

Greez Dritus

Captain of the Stinger Mantis and excellent cook, Greez is an essential member of Cal’s crew. He’s a Latero, so would need a new head mould to capture his wide mouth and scrunched up nose, not to mention his braids that are somewhere between hair or moustache depending on your point of view. However, the most difficult part is capturing Greez’s four arms – he can’t be as tall as Garmadon from NINJAGO, so that would require a clever solution. 

Nightsister Merrin 

First introduced in the Expanded Universe novel The Courtship of Princess Leia, the Nightsisters were reintroduced in The Clone Wars series. Merrin is a reluctant ally of Cal, and she often supports him through her mysterious magick. It looks like she’s had a bit of a haircut for Jedi: Survivor, so her minifigure could use a short bob hair-piece in white, while her face would need printing for her geometric tattoos. Merrin uses no weapons in the original game, but could come with the spell elements that Wanda uses, just in translucent green. 

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Cere Junda

A Jedi Knight determined to secretly restore the Order, it looks like Cere has retired to being a librarian in Jedi: Survivor, with the trailer showing her surrounded by walls of sacred texts. She’s also wearing more traditional robes, which could look amazing in different layers of blue printing, with a few hints of pear-gold. There’s a possibility Cere also now has a cape, or at least a shawl, so a blue fabric element could suggest that too. 


One of the new apparent villains in the upcoming Jedi: Survivor is Rayvis, a Gen’dai alien. This species is near indestructible, so he’ll likely pose a big threat in the game. In order to capture the height and bulk of Rayvis, his minifigure would need a newly moulded head piece melded into his shoulder armour. The rest of his body would then need to be dark red and highlighted using grey printing to capture the different shapes of his body suit. In the trailers it isn’t clear whether Rayvis carries a weapon or relies on physical combat, but a blaster would certainly be a suitable accessory.

That mysterious guy from the bacta tank…

This is the character that everyone is talking about, mainly because we know nothing about him except he’s been in stasis for a long time. In the latest story trailer it looks as if this character is from the High Republic era, so his white Jedi robes need shiny gold printing to suggest some luxuriousness. This white theme would need to be kept up across his minifigure actually, including his pale skin and hair – whether that’s because of his stasis or because he’s not human. 

This is who would be fun to see from Jedi: Fallen Order and the upcoming Jedi: Survivor, which is releasing April 28. Do you think someone else in the game deserves to be a minifigure? Use the Force to log onto any of the Blocks social media channels and let us know! 

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