Seven multiverse Easter eggs in LEGO Marvel 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum

Sitting unassumingly on Bleecker Street in New York, the Sanctum Sanctorum almost looks like any other building. Except inside it holds secrets, relics, and magic aplenty. Most recently it featured in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, before the sorcerer (no longer supreme on a technicality) had to face Gargantos and its many tentacles. 

Considering the importance of the New York sanctuary, it is no surprise that it has had multiple LEGO iterations. Revealed during LEGO Con last week, 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum is the largest version yet, filled with Easter eggs from across the multiverse. Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, is using the Eye of Agamoto to take a closer look…

Troublesome tentacles

Speaking of Gargantos the monster makes a cameo in 76218. While he doesn’t attack the Sanctum in the movie, the LEGO designers have taken some artistic license so that Gargantos can pose a threat to the sorcerers. Fun fact – he’s actually a sea monster who first appeared in Sub-Mariner #13 from 1969 and who lay forgotten in the comics until the new movie. 

Cap’s back! 

In what looks to be a sticker detail for a billboard on the side of the Sanctum, Captain America’s exhibition is advertised at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. This is a reference to Falcon & The Winter Solider, where an exhibit honoured the first Avenger, but was also integral to portraying the legacy that was a key plot point for the Disney+ show. 

Wifi password

A teensy Easter egg from the first Doctor Strange movie is included on a 1×2 tile on one of the upper levels. The tile reads ‘Shamballa’, which is the wifi password for Kamar-Taj. It’s technically a reference in a reference, as the word originally came from a Marvel book about the sorcerer published in 1986. 

Crazy doorways

Along one corridor are a set of doors and the stickers clearly portray the portals that Doctor Strange uses to fight the Servants of Dormammu, including the desert that one is stranded in. Indeed, there’s even a doorway that’s reminiscent of a galaxy, which could be the Dark Dimension. 

Doctor Strange

Above the comfy green couch in the entrance hall is a 2×3 tile depicting Stephen’s medical degree. While he had to give up neurosurgery to pursue the mystic arts, it’s nice to see that Strange keeps his prior achievement that eventually led him to Kamar-Taj.  

Zombie magic

While 76218 has Easter eggs from across the Marvel films, it is specifically meant to tie-in with the Multiverse of Madness. Nowhere could this be more obvious than the minifigures, including Zombie Strange. Though he lacks his demonic arms, he’s printed with decaying skin, torn clothing, and very creepy yellow eyes. 

Address check

When Peter Parker goes in search of some magical help in Spider-Man: No Way Home, he follows a handwritten address to 177A Bleecker Street. The house number sits right beside the door on 76218 and proves the tiny details make the biggest difference in these types of LEGO sets. 

That’s all we noticed from the official images, but there are going to be plenty more references to find when 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum hits shelves on August 5. Be sure to tag Blocks when you’re building your very own multiverse because we’d love to see what else is hidden inside. 

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