New LEGO advent calendars for Christmas 2022 available now

It’s time to choose your LEGO advent calendar – or perhaps LEGO advent calendars – for 2022, because the new City, Friends, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas countdown sets are available starting today.

While it’s a few months until Christmas, it’s easy to forget that an advent calendar must be ready in time for December 1 – and LEGO advent calendars have a habit of selling out long before then. Today though, and other retailers have launched five new options for Christmas 2022, with two classic LEGO themes represented and three based on franchises.

Of the bunch, the most traditional is 60352 City Advent Calendar. As with each of these calendars, every day you’ll open a door and find a small LEGO behind it. Characters from LEGO City Adventures are included as the minifigures with little models in scale with them to build out a fun scene.

If you prefer LEGO Friends to LEGO City, then 41706 Friends Advent Calendar is the way to go. There are two regular sized mini-dolls and two child sized mini-dolls. One of the full size mini-dolls is Santa Claus, making for an exciting festive figure that will hopefully be day 24. As for the builds, they are as Christmassy as you’d hope!

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This year’s Marvel set will tie into the Disney+ special that is sure to be a much-watch this Christmas. 76231 Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar features the characters we know and love with a holiday twist, including Groot as the Christmas tree. Expect some wacky mini builds in this one.

In the 2022 75340 Star Wars Advent Calendar the trend of putting outfits on Star Wars characters continues, with C-3PO and R2-D2 in ugly Christmas sweaters. Darth Vader is beack ready though, inspired by his appearance in LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation. The builds in this calendar are

Then there’s also the new Wizarding World release, 76404 Harry Potter Advent Calendar. This time there’s an impressive seven minifigures, plus micro builds representing key locations and magical items. There’s even a game to play, although you’ll need to buy the calendar to understand exactly what it is.

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