How to still get LEGO Collectible Minifigures with the upcoming packaging change

For years LEGO Collectible Minifigure fans have been feebling blind bags in the search of full sets, favourite characters and avoiding the dreaded duplicates. However, a change is on the horizon that’s going to make collecting minifigures much more challenging. The LEGO Group have announced that after Series 23 the packaging is going to change to little boxes with no way to distinguish characters. 

What does that mean for collectors? With no way to feeble then what are the options? Blocks, the LEGO magazine is on hand, with tips for still keeping the minifigure joy alive.

1. Buy a whole box

This isn’t exactly ideal as full boxes of Collectible Minifigures aren’t the cheapest option, but it does allow fans to guarantee getting a full set. Most series have at least one full set per box, but there can be two depending on character distribution. What about the rest of the minifigures? These can be sold on, donated, made into jewellery… there’s plenty that can be done with minifigures! 

2. Find a LEGO reseller 

Many reputable LEGO resellers on eBay, Amazon and similar sites sell full sets of minifigures right now, cutting out the need for feebling at all. They’ve already done all the hard work and this will likely be a good option once the packaging changes. These sellers will just open each box ready to see what is inside. Buying Collectible Minifigures this way isn’t the most fun, but it is cheaper than getting a whole box. 

3. Swap with someone 

Teaming up with someone to swap minifigures is a great option for getting rid of duplicates and finding specific characters. With the upcoming change to boxes then grabbing a few from the shelf may easily result in duplicates, but swapping with fellow fans means it’s not a missed opportunity. 

4. Check with your local LEGO User Group (LUG)

Many LUGs have dedicated Collectible Minifigure collectors who are available to swap minifigures with, or can help in splitting the cost for buying a whole box of minifigures. They’re a great place to engage with the LEGO community and a quick search online should reveal if there’s one nearby to join. 

5. Be more selective 

Collecting minifigures has never been the cheapest hobby, and while the new packaging is apparently not coming with another price increase, it can help to budget. If there’s only certain minifigure characters that fans find appealing then there are plenty of ways to get individual minifigures from eBay, Amazon, BrickLink, and other resellers. 

While the upcoming change to boxed packaging is disappointing for fans who have been feebling for years, there is no need to panic. There are still plenty of ways to get Collectible Minifigures, and though feebling will become defunct soon enough, there’s still some series to enjoy finding the characters through feeling the blind-bags before then. 

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