How to make a LEGO teacher minifigure

LEGO minifigures are incredibly detailed – especially Collectible Minifigures. Blocks details how you can make your own teacher minifigure using parts from the blind bags.

One of the few connections stronger than two LEGO plates stacked is the connection a child can have to a great teacher. From English teachers to Maths professors, and a load of subjects in between, teachers have earned the respect of their students through years of hard work. They’re experts in guiding children to their interests, hobbies and even future careers.  

Many remember that one teacher they had growing up who encouraged them to excel, and often, they did. It’s no surprise then that making a LEGO teacher minifigure can be a fun and nostalgic experience, especially if you choose to model it after your favourite school mentor. How cool would it be to recreate your gym coach who inspired you to follow in his or her footsteps?

The LEGO Group has a wide variety of minifigure parts based around academic pursuits, particularly in the Collectible Minifigures line. Online marketplaces make it easier than ever to find the parts and minifigures you’re looking for, letting you make the perfect teacher, coach, librarian or even lunch supervisor who changed your life as a youngster. Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, has some brilliant ideas that were made possible by that special educator who lifted you up.

Science and math teachers – full STEAM ahead!

Science and Maths teachers are extraordinarily well versed and engaged in their subject. In LEGO form, this can mean carrying supplies like calculators, beakers, and geodes around with them. It’s difficult to tie down an exact outfit as teachers come from all walks of life. However, if your Maths teacher is involved in computer programming, 71025 Programmer has a nice casual binary code shirt. 8831 Computer Programmer has a more old-fashioned torso that could work well with older teachers. Both include laptops.  

Scientists are a little harder to pinpoint, given the variety of their work. At least with chemistry teachers, they can be wearing a nice white lab coat. Options include the printed full-body coats from 71002 Scientist, 71010 Monster Scientist, 8804 Crazy Scientist or 71019 GPL Tech. Of course, not all science happens in a lab – that’s where minifigures like 71008 Palaeontologist come in with accessories like dinosaur bones and fossils.

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English Teachers – my kingdom for a LEGO horse

While Science and Maths require creative solutions to solve today’s practical problems, English and History teachers are a little easier to construct. An English teacher can use a common minifigure skeleton head to recreate Hamlet, or even the gimmick horse from 71021 Cowboy Costume Guy as a joke outfit for the first day of reading Richard III. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading Of Mice and Men or Heart of Darkness as a class – there’s a minifigure accessory out there that’s, well, out there.

These accessories can even sit around the classroom on bookshelves stuffed with classic novels, represented by LEGO book pieces or even just 1×1 coloured blocks stacked next to one another. It’s not all costumes and literature props, though. LEGO Friends introduced a ‘medical’ pen element as part of a very common medical accessories multipack of pieces included with several sets. That can be used by a teacher for marking essays and writing notes. Who needs a sword when you have an English teacher wielding a pen?

Gym Teacher or Coach – drop and give me fifty

Everyone’s favourite active teacher is always on the go. Unfortunately, the LEGO Group has shown more interest in the professional athletes of today than those of tomorrow. Coaches and gym teachers can wear a hoodie, tracksuit or specialised running outfits. There are only a few different outfits available from the Collectible Minifigure series. 8684 Weightlifter has a nice outfit for strength-based exercises, but the other athlete minifigures from the line aren’t very suitable (though accessories can be found in the Team GB Series). Additionally, 71025 Rugby Player includes a rugby ball and unlicensed sporting outfit.

There are other options out there, of course, and your teacher may be built vastly different than these ideas. Consider this a highlight reel. It’ll be exciting to see what creative teacher minifigures you come up with, whether you’re a former or current student.

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