How to make a better LEGO Star Wars Jacen Syndulla minifigure

LEGO Star Wars fans might be disappointed by Jacen Syndulla’s minifigure in 75357 The Ghost & Phantom II, so Blocks has a quick fix to help him match the Ahsoka series on Disney+. 

As Ahsoka Tano leads a mission to the strange planet of Seatos in search of Grand Admiral Thrawn, she’s joined once again by Phoenix Squadron. While the mission has potential dangers, Hera Syndulla brings along Chopper and her son, Jacen, to make sure the two don’t cause more trouble for the Republic officers babysitting aboard Home One. To have the whole family flying together, it’s not surprising that 75357 The Ghost & Phantom II comes with a brand new Jacen Syndulla minifigure. 

What is surprising is that this minifigure is wrong. Instead of green hair for some reason this minifigure has a brown hair piece. Considering the character was introduced in the finale of Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 with this signature green hair, it’s a strange omission. So Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, has looked into how to make this minifigure better…

Thankfully there are plenty of LEGO minifigures with a wonderful array of hair colours, but unfortunately there aren’t any in 2023 sets with green a green hair piece that would work for Jacen. There are 2 ways to fix Jacen – using previously released sets that may be in your collection or buying a specific piece from BrickLink or’s Pick a Brick service.

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Let’s start with the correct piece that Jacen needs. There isn’t quite the right style of green hair for his minifigure, but the two closest versions are the hairpiece from 76023 The Tumbler, which is ironically Anakin’s hairstyle just in green, or an element from 80104 Lion Dance. Both are a little on the bright side, but it will certainly look better than the dull brown hair Jacen currently has in the set. The element from 76023 is used on the Joker and matches Jacen’s appearance pretty well. In 80104 the piece doubles as a pom-pom minifigure accessory and is a slightly shorter hairstyle. 

If you’ve got either of these two sets then you can just swap the hair pieces out. A quick search on Pick-A-Brick reveals that you can currently get Anakin’s hair in green (element 6371593) for only £0.27, but it’s changed since the version used in 2014 for The Tumbler. It’s now a brighter green for the Joker minifigures, which could look a little garish on Jacen who has quite dark green hair in live-action. 

Obviously, some fans may just want to buy the hair piece from BrickLink or other third-party sellers, in which case it’s just a look at which shade of green is available and shipping. Hopefully the LEGO Star Wars designers will improve Jacen’s appearance in any future sets and design a hairstyle specifically for his character. Hopefully if they do Thrawn once again they can finally get his Grand Admiral’s insignia right too…

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