Five Star Wars: Ahsoka characters fans need as LEGO minifigures

Now that Season 1 has wrapped up, which characters from Star Wars: Ahsoka do fans need as LEGO minifigures? Who is missing but definitely shouldn’t be?

Season 1 of Star Wars: Ahsoka is now complete. With several well-placed action sequences, great performances and a slew of new characters who have already become fan favourites, the series wowed many fans. Unfortunately, the minifigure selection in the Star Wars: Ahsoka lacks some central characters, likely to maintain secrecy beyond what fans had seen in the trailers.

Though sets like 75357 Ghost and Phantom II contain many of the show’s protagonists, fans have received just four named villains from the series, and no troopers or robotic foes for Ahsoka and her crew to fight. It’s rare that LEGO Star Wars needs more cannon fodder, but much like the single set from Star Wars: Andor, these excellent sets are missing troopers to blast. Still, what named characters are fans missing from the Star Wars: Ahsoka series?

Please note this article contains spoilers for the full series. You have been warned, my young apprentice.

The Great Mothers

So what if there are three minifigures here instead of one? The perfect tie to Morgan Elsbeth are the Great Mothers, three mystical Dathomirian witches aiding Grand Admiral Thrawn and his legion of night troopers. They shared the same goal – safe and long overdue passage to return to the known galaxy. They are perhaps best known for raising the fallen Night Troopers up from the dead and inducting Morgan Elsbeth into the Nightsisters.

They granted Elsbeth the Blade of Talzin, a fabled sword that first appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 6. The sword would make a fantastic new mould, though with Morgan Elsbeth’s defeat, it may no longer be important. Their Nightsister dark magicks can be represented with some of the LEGO Group’s trans-green parts. Something like Spider-Man’s web cone piece but designed to look like whispy magic would really reflect the three Great Mothers’ sinister abilities.

Grand Admiral Thrawn

The legendary Chiss Thrawn was a unyielding combatant and an infallible strategist, avoiding missteps and adversity at almost every turn. In Star Wars: Rebels, the actor was voiced by actor Lars Mikkelsen – excitingly, Mikkelsen returns to represent Thrawn in live action as the main antagonist of Star Wars: Ahsoka. Eloquent yet potent in the art of war, Grand Admiral Thrawn makes piecemeal of his foes as easily as he articulates his thoroughly calculated plans.

As far as LEGO minifigures go, Grand Admiral Thrawn has only appeared in a single set, 75170 The Phantom. It has been six-plus years since fans have seen the legendary Grand Admiral in LEGO format. The time for an modern, updated Grand Admiral Thrawn minifigure is now. His Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera as a LEGO playset would be nothing short of amazing, especially with a plate-built pattern on the underside of its hull.

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Captain Enoch

Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Captain of the Guard, Captain Enoch, is a character with a memorable face. As a matter of fact, aside from his venerable rank, that’s all he’s known for. With his golden mask, waist and shoulder pad accents, he looks like a gladiator more than anything. As the head of Thrawn’s Night Troopers, it’s a little sad this well-dressed character wasn’t given a larger role.

Nevertheless, his armour would make him a great minifigure to be included in a Star Destroyer Chimaera playset. If LEGO Collectible Minifigures can have stellar arm printing and detail, so too can Captain Enoch. A new helmet mould would be nice, though it would be possible to complete the man in the mask with a Stormtrooper bucket featuring a new print, or an Imperial officer helmet with a golden head beneath.

Ezra Bridger

The main purpose of the show and one of its most anticipated characters did not get a minifigure this year. One theoretical explanation is these characters’ appearances weren’t revealed early enough for the LEGO Group to create sets, or Lucasfilm and Disney wanted to keep his whereabouts and design a mystery. No matter the reason, he was expertly portrayed in Star Wars: Ahsoka by Eman Esfandi, and was just as excited to see Sabine, Ahsoka and Hera again as fans were to witness him in live action.

This character has appeared in many sets before with no differences each time (aside from the optional helmet included in 75048 The Phantom, the original iteration of this small ship). His newfound chainmail armour and robes could allow the LEGO Group to create a highly-detailed minifigure. The tan colour of his sleeves compared to his red robe could be an exciting arm printing opportunity.

Captain Carson Teva

Here’s a less obvious choice for a minifigure. This Rebellion and later New Republic decorated captain has appeared in The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett and now Star Wars: Ahsoka. While the captain is a deeply respected man of honour with a duty to the New Republic, he doesn’t always play by the book. He was portrayed by award winning Korean-Canadian actor Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, known for the Canadian sitcom Kim’s Convenience.

He deserves to appear in a T-65B X-wing Starfighter set, perhaps including his wingmate Trapper Wolf, who could be used as an interchangeable pilot. It would be an excellent display addition to 75331 The Razor Crest or 75325 The Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter, whether it’s checking the Mandalorian’s ping or chasing him through the cloudy atmosphere of Maldo Kreis. Sure, there are more mundane New Republic tasks Carson could be completing, but once a Rebel, always a Rebel.

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