Five must-read LEGO features in Blocks Issue 77

Blocks magazine is back with Issue 77, containing another 116 pages of fascinating features, LEGO build tips and reviews. Our first ever gatefold cover depicts the epic NINJAGO City Gardens in all its brick glory, but there is plenty more besides to enjoy inside this month’s LEGO magazine…

In this month’s issue of Blocks we explore and review 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens to see if it’s a worthy successor to 70620 NINJAGO City. As this range continues to develop into a brick-built metropolis, we also have an exclusive mod for fans looking to turn their NINJAGO City sets into one epic, sprawling display. It’s not all city life though, and within the new issue, you’ll find many more LEGO features that you can’t get anywhere else.

Here are five that you’ll definitely want to check out…

The women building the LEGO Group

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2021, we interview five of the talented women building careers at the LEGO Group. From history to set design, these women have a diverse range of roles but they are all united in their passion for the brick. We get a glimpse into their everyday working lives, find out how their LEGO journeys began and learn more about the appeal of working with the brick.

Inside the design of 10295 Porsche 911

Go underneath the hood of the latest Creator Expert vehicle with Design Master Mike Psiaki. He explains how this classic sports car started life as a fun side-project and how the two versions of the 911 were included in the box. Mike also reveals how the colour of the car was chosen and what he did to solve some design challenges.

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Reimagining the drill bit

No, you can put your toolbox away. From the weird and wonderful LEGO parts catalogue comes the rock drill bit first introduced in Power Miners. This feature presents many different builds that reimagine how this piece can be used, as each one makes it a focal point. If it ever need proving that every LEGO piece has multiple uses, these MOCs do it.

Original LEGO Star Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, grey X-Wings battled blue streaked TIE Fighters. Learn why the LEGO Group was originally reluctant to license what would become one of their most popular themes and see the innovation that went into the earliest sets. There’s also an exclusive Jedi Starfighter build that reimagines the prequel ship to fit in with the 1999 design aesthetic.

City road plates reviewed

LEGO City recently got some highway maintenance. Gone are the baseplates of old, and now 60304 Road Plates allows you to customise your road layouts. Is the new design effective? How compatible is 60304 with other sets? And is it value for money? All the answers are included in our in-depth review.

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