Five medieval LEGO sets fans still need

There have been some fantastic LEGO sets covering the medieval world like 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle and 21325 Medieval Blacksmith – but there’s never enough LEGO Castle! Here are more sets fans need from the classic theme.

LEGO Castle was one of the three themes to launch alongside the minifigure in 1978. It became a mainstay in the LEGO lineup, with new sets releasing consistently for decades. The theme underwent a few rebrands during that time, but castles and knights always found their way to shelves one way or another.

But after 2013’s LEGO Castle wave came and went, the theme finally took a break. It turned out to be quite the hiatus; it wasn’t until 2021 that knights made a comeback with 21325 Medieval Blacksmith and 31120 Medieval Castle. 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle followed in 2022, but more sets are needed to fully flesh out the LEGO medieval world. Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, takes a look at five LEGO medieval sets that still need to be forged.

Jousting Arena

Jousting is one of the most romanticised parts of the Middle Ages, yet the sport has had very few depictions in the brick. The largest and most recent was 10223 Kingdoms Joust, which utilized more than 1,500 pieces to create a jousting arena complete with two towers, royal viewing booth, and tents for the combatants. A LEGO Icons set would be a perfect fit for a new jousting arena, allowing it to make use of increased piece counts and improved building techniques. The modern rivalry between the Lion Knights and Black Falcons is sure to result in an epic joust, too.

Medieval Inn

The LEGO Troubadour first played his merry melody in 71032 Series 22 but has been lacking a permanent stage to strum his lute and earn some gold coins. A LEGO medieval inn would be the ideal place for him to perform on the regular. A large-scale building akin to 21325 Medieval Blacksmith would work well and allow fans to build up their own medieval village and give their traveling minifigures a place to rest, safe from the dangers of the road.

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Knights Battle Pack

The only thing better than having a giant LEGO castle is having a giant army of LEGO knights to defend It — or to lay siege. 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle checks the castle off the list, and while it comes with a respectable selection of knight minifigures, there’s still space on the ramparts for more. There have been knight battle packs before, such as 852921 Battle Pack in 2010. New battle pack sets would let fans easily build up their armies of Lion Knights and Black Falcons so they can create massive medieval battle MOCs. Side builds could include catapults and weapons racks, ensuring the knights are well-equipped to head off to battle.

Forestmen Hideout

The Forestmen arrived in the late 1980s and quickly cemented themselves as a fan-favourite in the realm of LEGO Castle. Despite their popularity amongst fans, few Forestmen sets have been released to date. 40567 Forest Hideout made it clear the LEGO Group is aware of the Forestmen’s popularity, but the small set was only a gift-with-purchase for a limited time in 2022. The Forestmen deserve a triumphant return with a large home base deep in the woods. Fully introducing the Forestment to the modern lineup of medieval sets would add a needed third faction to kingdoms dominated by Lion Knights and Black Falcons.

Medieval Village

There’s a surprising lack of medieval village sets, with 10193 Medieval Market Village and 7189 Mill Village Raid pulling most of the weight in this category. The modern lineup of medieval sets could go for a new village-style set to accompany the great castles. There’s plenty of choices for buildings outside of remaking the old sets, including peasant houses or a bakery. If a barn does end up being a part of a new medieval village, it would be a great reason to finally make a new LEGO goat figure.

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