Five light side LEGO Star Wars Microfighters we’re still to see

Microfighters – they’re cute, clever and have been a part of the LEGO Star Wars theme since 2014. Since then, there has been more than thirty microfighter sets, but that’s not to say we’ve seen all of our favourite ships and starfighters from the Star Wars universe. Hence Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, is going to explore five ships from the light side that we’re still to see in Microfighters form.

Delta-7 Jedi Interceptor 

We’ve seen a few ships from the Clone Wars (the event, not the TV show) as Microfighters, although we’ve not seen the older model of a Jedi starfighter. The Delta-7 Jedi Interceptor however is a classic Star Wars vehicle and its angular form would well as a Microfighter – lest we forget that Jedi Starfighters and Interceptors have been a mainstay of the Star Wars license since 7143 Jedi Starfighter first released in 2002. The contrasting colours would equally be striking. But this is would not be just 75333 Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Jedi Starfighter in miniature, as the minifigure for this set would be Adi Gallia – the set would thus be a homage in miniature to the 2002 game Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, in which, as Gallia, players participated in various events surrounding Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

V-wing Starfighter

The V-wing starfighter was introduced late in the Clone Wars – it was a fast and agile ship that was used across the Republic’s navy to both protect and attack. We’ve seen two sets based on the V-Wing starfighter before (6205 and 75039 in 2006 and 2014 respectively), so let’s see it in miniature. The wedge shape would mean the ship’s design would be a thinner A-Wing and there’d be a fun feature in the ship’s wings, which rotate depending on the situation the pilot finds themselves in – speaking of which, the minifigure would be a simple Clone Pilot. If we’re to fully respect the style of the microfighter form, then we also need the head of an astromech droid to sit (large and ill fitting, but in a cute way) behind the cockpit. 

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Hammerhead Corvette 

2016’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story showed us the heroic sacrifices made by many members of the Rebel Alliance to get those Death Star plans. One sacrifice that might be overlooked is that by Kado Oquoné, the captain of the Lightmaker, a Hammerhead corvette. During the Battle of Scarif, Oquoné uses the Lightmaker to ram into a Star Destroyer, which eventually leads to the destruction of the shield gate that’s preventing the transmission of the Death Star plans reaching the Alliance. It’s a big deal, and should be memorialised in microfighter form (if we’re not to receive a large set). The minifigure would of course be Oquoné – somewhat obscure pilots are familiar to the Microfighter line, just think of Tallie Lintra in 75196 A-Wing vs TIE Silencer Microfighters. Granted there might be some balancing issues to capture the distinctive hammerhead shape, but I’m sure the designers could overcome them. 

Tantive IV

The Star Wars saga opened with the Tantive IV fleeing an ominously-large Star Destroyer. So began what has, for many, been a defining film universe. Hence it’s somewhat surprising that the Tantive IV has never appeared in microfighter form. The thin middle section might make the pilot’s seat a little awkward, but the ship’s 11 engines would perfectly suit the at-times exaggerated dimensions of the microfighter sub-theme. You could even have a stud shooter that fires off a grey stud to capture the escape pod that helps C-3PO and R2D2 get away from the Empire’s clutches. Bail Organa would be included as the minifigure – we’ve only seen him in one previous set (in what would be this microfighter’s big brother, 75244 Tantive IV) and he’s a popular character who’s recently been seen in the Kenobi Disney+ series.

B-Wing Starfighter

This would be a challenge. The tall airfoil makes up the entire hull, with two extending s-foils and a command pod around which the rest of the ship rotates, which begs the question where will the pilot sit (and how might this affect the set’s balance?)? It’d be slightly more technical than your common microfighter build, but this is a distinct and well-known ship that certainly deserves to be captured in some form. And the minifigure? It’s high time we get famous Rebel pilot Nien Nunb, whose cheerful personality will add to the challenging mini build – it’d be an impressive, creative little set all around. 

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