Five LEGO features you can’t miss in Blocks magazine Issue 88

It’s time for Issue 88 of Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, with 116 pages of new features, fantastic build projects, LEGO set reviews and a celebration of LEGO Friends as it reaches 10 years on the shelves. While the magazine this month is going all-out for the beloved Friends theme, there’s plenty more to explore in this month’s LEGO magazine. 

Ten years ago the LEGO Group released a theme designed to appeal to girls that was a huge success and is now an evergreen favourite for a broad audience. Blocks sits down with the creators of LEGO Friends for an exclusive interview into the research that went into the theme, illustrated with never-before-seen concept art, design sketches and prototypes. We also review the commemorative set, 41703 Friendship Tree House, and count down our favourite Friends sets from across the last decade. 

For those who aren’t curious about how the mini-doll and Friends came to be, then here are five of the other LEGO features this month that you can’t get anywhere else… 

Touring 10297 Boutique Hotel

10297 Boutique Hotel is this year’s new modular building with a haute couture architectural design that includes homage to all that’s come before. Model Designer Anderson Grubb and Graphic Designer Ashwin Visser take Blocks through each floor, noting the easter eggs and real-world influences. Plus, you’ll find out why the original design was actually yellow and how it originally included an additional alleyway. 

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LEGO Titanic display

How do you display the recently released 10294 Titanic? At well over one metre long the mighty cruise-liner is deserving of more than just a regular shelf. Thankfully the Blocks MOD Squad is on deck to show you how to create an easy, yet highly effective, display base complete with rolling waves. You’ll also find a smaller build that will lure you into building the full display later.

Aquarium adventures 

There are more ocean inspired builds to enjoy too! Do your minifigures want to keep goldfish? Or maybe a science lab needs some underwater specimens? Learn how to use domes, crystal balls and transparent wall pieces to create minifigure-scaled aquariums or fish-bowls, as well as the best elements to use for corals alongside your LEGO fish. 

Revisiting LEGO Classic Space

It’s time to grab a spacesuit, confirm lift-off with mission control and blast-off in search of worlds unknown in Classic Space. Out of all the classic themes, it’s this one that has endured and maintained its appeal for fans since 1978. Classic Space introduced the beloved minifigure astronaut that would go on to inspire Benny in The LEGO Movie, a plethora of unique elements, and of course the coveted monorail. For fans seeking a hit of galactic nostalgia, then the LEGO magazine for fans has exclusive instructions for a sleek, modern interpretation of 6890 Cosmic Cruiser. 

Monkey business 

Blocks Issue 88 sits down with Model Designer Jme Wheeler to take a look at Monkie Kid’s foray into space in 80032 Chang’e Moon Cake Factory. Learn how this classic Chinese legend (pronounced ‘Chung-uh’ if you’re wondering) got turned into a fabulously eccentric set, including how bunnies got to pilot the mech, the challenges of getting it all in one box, and the influence of Classic Space. 

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