Five Jedi characters fans need as LEGO Star Wars minifigures

There are still Jedi in the Star Wars universe that have not been released as LEGO characters – here are five that need to be released so that fans can add them to their collections.

Over the years, there has been a real variety in the Jedi who have been released in minifigure form. There’s been the instantly recognisable – the Obi-Wan Kenobis and Mace Windus – through to the relatively obscure – Stass Allie or Coleman Trebor, anyone? In spite of this, there are still a number of Jedi that have not been turned into minifigures. Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, has picked five of those characters to explore in greater detail.  

Before that, however, a quick warning – the following list includes spoilers for a variety of Star Wars media, including comics, television shows and video games. Read on, then, at your own peril!  

Cal Kestis

Cal Kestis is the protagonist of both Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and Jedi Survivor videogames. This poncho-loving Jedi was a padawan when Order 66 was declared and survived by living on Bracca whilst cutting himself off from the Force. However, after an accident, Kestis was found by the Inquisitorius, and so began his journey into the wider galaxy.  

One of the challenges with a Kestis minifigure, however, will be which look to go for – in Survivor, players could fully customise their character. Beards, hair length, clothes and lightsaber colour would all be up for grabs. Kestis’s droid companion BD-1 had already appeared, so it’s cruel not to have Kestis to keep him company. Hopefully that will be rectified soon. 


Ah, Yaddle, the Jedi Master belonging to the same species as Yoda, who appeared in The Phantom Menace only to disappear for more than 20 years (of real world, not in-universe time) – the release of Tales of the Jedi in 2022 finally revealed her fate. 

However, it’s already known how Yaddle would look in minifigure form, as she appeared as an unlockable character in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Aside from her luscious, flowing hair, she’s not really different to Yoda, but that’s not the point. If Even Piell gets a minifigure (in 9498 Seasee Tinn’s Jedi Starfighter), then so should fan-favourite Yaddle. 

Depa Billaba

Depa Billaba was Jedi Master to Caleb Dune, who would become known as Kanan Jarrus following Order 66. She was a Padawan to renowned master Mace Windu and went up against General Grievous during the Clone Wars. 

In recent years, Billaba has enjoyed an increasing presence in various Star Wars media – the creation of her character model for season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars presumably means it’s easier to include her elsewhere, including Season 1 of both The Bad Batch and Tales of the Jedi. Let’s hope a minifigure soon follows.  

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Cere Junda

Cere Junda’s had a tough old time – first introduced in the videogame Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, in which she had renounced the ways of the Jedi, by the time of the game’s sequel she was back and attempting to preserve the teachings of the Jedi Order. In between, she’d seen her padawan Trilla fall to the dark side as an Inquisitor, but was filled with hope upon meeting Cal Kestis.  

Nonetheless, Junda has proven herself an accomplished Jedi, fighting against Darth Vader on numerous occasions. This minifigure would be based on her appearance in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, in which her robes are rather alternative to the expected browns and are instead a combination of rich blues and golds. Using the minifigure dress piece, and capturing the character’s tattoos, this would be another brilliant addition to the LEGO Jedi Order.

Kelleran Beq  

Ever since Grogu was revealed to have once been a student at the Jedi Temple, there was an open question around who saved him from Order 66. Fans finally got an answer in Season 3 of Star Wars: The Mandalorian, in which Kelleran Beq was revealed to be the saviour.  

Beq, also known as ‘The Sabered Hand’, trained young padawans and was known for his ability to wield two lightsabers simultaneously. Although first introduced as part of the kid’s show Star Wars Jedi Temple Challenge, Beq has automatically cemented himself as a vital figure in the Star Wars story – what comes next is anyone’s bet, but a LEGO minifigure wouldn’t hurt, surely? 

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