Five Easter eggs in LEGO Disney 43217 Up House

With LEGO 43217 Up House part of the collection celebrating the 100th anniversary of Walt Disney Animation Studios, Blocks is taking a look at some of the references in this new set. 

Adventure is out there! That’s the motto that spurs Carl Fredricksen to give up his monotonous city life, buy a million balloons and try to fly his home to Paradise Falls hidden deep in the South American rainforest. On the way Carl makes friendships for a lifetime, with Russell, a 10 foot tall bird and a talking dog. 

With the house being such a fantastical concept it is perfect for an imaginative LEGO set, and 43217 Up House features some ingenious techniques to achieve its unique shape and bright patchwork of colours. Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, is grabbing a magnifying glass to take a closer look at some of the Easter eggs found inside…


Now this reference could actually have a double meaning. Dug is distracted by squirrels that are often not there, pointing into the distance hilariously. However, in the Dug Days mini-series on Disney+ there is an episode titled Squirrel in which Carl puts up a bird feeder and Dug has to keep chasing off one of these pesky rodents.  

Grape Soda

After finding a young Carl sneaking around an abandoned house, Ellie asks him to be part of her club. With some recycling and a safety pin she creates badges from old metal bottle tops, granting one to Carl as the highest honour she can give. It’s a very touching moment and beautifully printed onto Carl’s minifigure. 

A teal chicken?

While this newly coloured element might look a bit surprising, it’s actually a reference to the weather vane that sits on the apex of the roof. During the film Carl uses it to steer the house through the air through a series of connected ropes. Why is it teal? In the film it’s a rusted metal, so the teal is probably meant to suggest a patina, much like the one on copper. 

Adventure is out there

The brick-built television on the second-floor is a reference to the programme that Ellie and Carl watch in the opening of Up. After seeing brave explorer, set out for the South American rainforest, they’re inspired to do the same. It’s black and white sticker, plus the LEGO lever doubling as an aerial, adds a great retro vibe. 

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Ellie’s scrapbook

This is tucked away in the crate behind the television and it’s a great item to find. For years Carl thinks that it only holds memories from the early years of his marriage, but later discovers that Ellie secretly added more and wanted him to find his own adventure. It might all be stickers on some tile elements, but this set would be incomplete without it. 

That’s all the wonderful things we noticed from our build, but there are plenty of little movie gems hidden throughout the house. If you want to know what Blocks thinks of 43217 Up House, then check out our review in Issue 104! Be sure to tag Blocks if you decide to adapt this model and add more balloons or other modifications to get it closer to the movie – we’d love to see your builds. 

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