Different ways to display your LEGO collection

Being a LEGO fan often involves purchasing a lot of LEGO sets and bricks. Once you have multiple models to display, all LEGO fans must answer the same question – how to display the collection?

LEGO models can be displayed in a wide variety of ways. Because of this, it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to decide the best display solution for built LEGO sets, MOCs and minifigures. How could you go about displaying a LEGO city, a brick-built diorama or a large minifigure collection?

Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, breaks down some different ways to display your LEGO collection…


One of the most common and popular ways to display LEGO sets, shelves offer an easy and quick solution to display any sized LEGO collection. Floating shelves can be installed relatively quickly and are ideal for small spaces. They are also the most affordable type of shelving. Many LEGO fans also use bookshelves to display their LEGO collections, which not only offer a flat surface, but a clean background.

While not ideal for large dioramas, shelves can usually accommodate the width of a baseplate. This means that sets such as modular buildings can easily be displayed and shown off. Lastly, features like lights can be added to bring extra attention to any collection.

Display Cabinets

Shelves are the most accessible display solution for LEGO fans, but what happens when you want to take your LEGO display to the next level? Display cabinets are the pricier of these two similar options, since they feature glass windows and sturdy construction. However, some might consider the reduction in dust accumulation enough reason to invest in display cabinets rather than open shelving.

In terms of the volume of LEGO sets that can be displayed, this depends on the size of the display cabinet, but some of the smallest display cabinets can house at least one LEGO baseplate per shelf. It’s also important to consider weight, as due to the amount of glass they often contain, moving these pieces of furniture can be a hassle. 

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Shelves and display cabinets are great, but for LEGO fans who want to build big and take their displays to the next level, tables are the way to go. Only a table can comfortably hold larger LEGO displays and dioramas, and are thus the display solution of choice for city builders to display their layouts.

Another Scandinavian brand comes to mind when searching for table solutions, though any table can work – all that matters is that the table can offer a large flat surface for building. Many LEGO fans build their own tables or hire someone to build one for them. In this way, you can construct the perfect table to fit whatever space you have available. Whether you choose to create a large display, diorama or even a smaller vignette, all of these will fit nicely on a solid, flat table.

Wall Mounted Displays

With more than 15,000 unique minifigures having been produced over the course of the LEGO Group’s history, chances are LEGO fans will want to find a proper display solution for all the minifigures in their collection. However, displaying minifigures can be a challenge on its own.

Minifigures can be displayed on shelves or inside of display cases, but the best solution is by far that of the wall mounted display. There are many brands that make custom minifigure displays, though due to their nature as a niche product, they can be quite expensive. Fortunately there are plenty of online resources showing how to put together your own wall display using pictures frames and supplies from any hobby store. LEGO.com offers different minifigure display cases that can be hung. 

With so many display options for LEGO fans, it’s important to find the right solution for your LEGO collection. Space is usually the deciding factor when determining which type of display solution to set up and the most space-conscious choice would be the floating shelves. How do you display your LEGO collection? Let Blocks know on any of our social media channels.

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