Defending the new LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet

Peter Wilt shares his take on why the newest Stormtrooper helmet fits the LEGO Star Wars design aesthetic and is in fact a big upgrade

There always seems to be some LEGO debate regarding the updating of parts. From Darth Vader’s helmet to the introduction of stud shooters, to the updated rebel pilot helmet that we will probably never see again, fans have no problem letting their opinions be known. The same goes for the newer style of classic Stormtrooper helmet.

A quick look at what some people are saying online paints the dual moulded Stormtrooper helmet as a mistake, and makes it seem as if all LEGO fans are in consensus. Because of this, anyone who does like the new helmet might feel as if they’re in the minority – but you’re not alone. By taking a close look at the various Imperial troopers the LEGO Group has produced, a case can be made that the new helmet was not only bound to happen but is a significant improvement.


To some fans, the redesign of the Stormtrooper helmet came as a complete surprise. But by looking back at a pair of very interesting Stormtrooper variants, the classic Stormtrooper redesign does not seem so surprising after all. Released in 2018, the Mimban Stormtrooper and the Patrol Trooper featured new helmets that work perfectly with the new regular Stormtrooper, as shown above. Based on the similarities, it is not far-fetched to suggest that the new Stormtrooper helmet was based upon both of these designs.

Look closely at the Mimban Stormtrooper. This trooper’s helmet is almost identical to the modern Stormtrooper – look at the way the front section hangs over the torso, the proportions and the size of the helmet itself. What makes the Mimban Stormtrooper special is the enlarged forehead armour on the helmet. At the time this seemed like it could have become the new regular Stormtrooper helmet. The Mimban Stormtrooper can only be found in 75211 Imperial TIE Fighter. This only tells half the story of the new Stormtrooper helmet, while the design of the Patrol Trooper tells the rest…

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The Dual Moulding

The Patrol Trooper helmet’s best feature is its dual moulding. Dual moulding is when a LEGO piece contains not one, but two plastics molded together. On the Patrol Trooper both black and white plastics are used, with both colours equally vibrant and sharp. This same dual moulding technique would be later used on the classic Stormtrooper helmet. It’s important to note that there was no debate around the release of the Mimban and Patrol troopers. Virtually no-one had a problem with the size of these minifigure helmets, despite both being the exact same scale as the newer helmet that has caused the furor. The image above shows how the older Stormtrooper looks alongside these two variants.

The Patrol Trooper can be found in 75207 Imperial Patrol Battle Pack.


Stormtrooper helmets are going in a new direction. They are becoming more detailed, slightly larger – and dual moulded. So, what classic helmet is the most likely to be updated next? The AT-AT Driver and TIE Fighter Pilot share the same helmet mould, a mould that needs an upgrade to pair better with the new Stormtrooper helmet. TIE Pilot helmets themselves are actually just regular Stormtrooper helmets with a rebel pilot helmet up top. So if the Stormtrooper’s helmet is larger, it only makes sense that the TIE Pilot’s helmet has the same general proportions. It would look very strange to get both figures in the same set as they currently stand.

Of all the Imperial helmets that could and should be upgraded, the TIE Pilot mould is the most logical move. More specialised helmets such as those of Death Troopers, Snow Troopers, and Scarif Stormtroopers are different enough that the difference in scale is not as noticeable.


Despite some upset fans, the new Stormtrooper helmet continues to appear, showing up next in 75311 Imperial Armored Marauder. Two regular Stormtroopers will be included, along with a brand new variant – the Mortar Stormtrooper, which also uses the newer helmet mold. It seems this newer dual moulded design is here to stay – but what do you think? Is this helmet just way too big? Or is this the future of LEGO Stormtroopers?

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