Custom Corner: The Batman

The Batman, one of the most anticipated comic book movies in years, is now in cinemas and the LEGO Instagram community has been flooded with content about it. This week’s Custom Corner from Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, highlights one of the best Batman figures out there.

This figure, by @natesminifigs, features some very impressive sculpting all around. The cowl is much thinner than any official part, mimicking its sleek look from the movie. It is made up of two pieces, one attaching to the top of the head and the other around the neck, allowing it to wrap tightly around the head while still being detachable. The head itself is painted, with dark grey circles around the eyes to represent Batman’s iconic eye makeup, which is more accurate to this version of the character than the LEGO Group’s solid white eyes.

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The mouth is identical to that of @natesminifgs’ Bruce Wayne figure, which is a great likeness for Robert Pattinson. Bruce Wayne also features a sculpted hairpiece, which is very accurate to his look from the movie, and the torso and legs from the LEGO Group’s official James Potter figure from the second Harry Potter Collectible Minifigures series.

Batman utilises a Mandalorian-style cape, which isn’t as wide as the official Batman cape and flows nicely with the bottom part of the cowl. The black torso features sculpted dark grey armour, mimicking the angular, armoured feel of his suit from the movie, which flows seamlessly with the sculpted black shoulderpads. Adding to the bulky look of the figure’s arms, they feature sculpted dark grey and silver gauntlets, featuring Batman’s iconic wrist spikes.

The utility belt, keeping the same monochromatic colour palette, is accurate to its design in the movie, and matches the strap on the leg nicely. In order to achieve a smaller boot than official dual-moulded legs would allow for, the figure’s black legs are painted grey from the hip until just above the ankle and feature some impressive painted details. This is a very effective figure, and some of @natesminifigs‘ best work. If you’re not following them already, their other work is well worth checking out.

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