Custom Corner: Sandman from Marvel

Sandman has four official minifigures, but none of them quite capture his defining feature – sand. This week’s Custom Corner from Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, spotlights a creative solution to the problem.

This figure by @brandon_ian15 is sculpted around a LEGO flashlight figure, giving it a distinctive scale; it stands around three times the height of a minifigure, perfectly in scale with Brandon’s (equally stunning) Spider-Man figure. The legs have been removed and the torso extended so it flows nicely into the sand it’s displayed in, recreating Sandman’s iconic pose from the comics. The figure features sculpted muscles, and a suitably evil grin carved into the head. Also sculpted are the arms, which are posed in a menacing striding position, with the right hand featuring a sculpted mace, Sandman’s weapon of choice.

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The thing that ties this whole figure together, and one of the main reasons it’s featured here, is that the entire figure has been coated in sand. This does significantly limit its moveability, but it provides a level of realism and detail that’s impossible to achieve with ABS plastic alone, making it a very impressive custom. This is one of @brandon_ian15’s best figures, but the rest of his page is definitely worth checking out, with his Kaminoan and Grogu in particular showing a great deail of detail.

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