Custom Corner: Pulp Fiction

Despite being one of the most popular films of all time, Pulp Fiction’s age rating prevents it from ever receiving an official LEGO set. Luckily, the Instagram community doesn’t have the same restrictions as the toy company, and this week’s Custom Corner from Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, spotlights two incredible figures based on the film.

These figures, made by @jamzfigs, are based on Vincent and Jules’ looks from the beginning (and the end) of the film, and so their outfits are almost identical. They feature custom painted torsos with a suit and tie, and the arms and legs have painted wrinkles for added detail. The tops of the figures’ hands are painted white to represent their shirt sleeves, and they both wield custom guns painted in chrome silver. It takes great skill to paint two identical figures like that, and it gives them an air of professionalism, like in the film.

The main difference between the two figures are their custom painted heads – both bear a strong resemblance to their respective actors – and their custom sculpted hairpieces, Vincent’s shaped like John Travolta’s long, slicked back hair, and Jules’ capturing Samuel L Jackson’s short afro better than any currently available official hairpiece. Jules also uses a hollow gold stud to represent Jules’ watch, and Vincent holds the all-important briefcase. These are some of @jamzfigs’ most recent figures, and the rest of their work is just as good, if not better, so it’s definitely worth checking out their account.

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