Custom Corner: Marty McFly

Back To The Future is one of the most iconic movies of all time, and one that already has some fantastic official LEGO minifigures. This week’s Custom Corner from Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, showcases a great example of how customisers can improve on even the best official figures.

Today’s Marty McFly LEGO character, by @frosty_customs_42, is what’s known as a ‘statue figure’ by the community – instead of being designed with articulation in mind, as official minifigures are, it’s made to stay in one specific pose. Fans of the Back To The Future trilogy will recognise Marty’s pose here from the movie posters – staring at his watch shocked while lifting his glasses with the other arm, both legs bent. This is impossible to recreate with an official figure, because minifigure arms can’t bend in front of the torso, so this figure’s arms had to be specially sculpted in place to get the right pose. They feature layered sculpted and painted sleeves, and a watch made from a hollow stud, which works perfectly for its simple look.

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An official figure can’t actually look at its watch in this position, since their necks can only move side to side – so to fix that, this figure’s neck has been subtly sanded down on one side to make the head face downwards. The head itself features a fantastic painted facial expression, and a sculpted hairpiece featuring Marty’s raised glasses from the poster. Marty’s red vest and denim jacket are sculpted onto the torso, creating an impressive layering effect, and the figure’s legs are bent in a similar way to last week’s Freddie Mercury figure – which isn’t completely accurate to the poster, on which one leg is inside the DeLorean, but it’s as close as it possibly can be while still being free-standing. This figure is one of @frosty_customs_42’s best, and the rest of their page is definitely worth checking out.

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