Custom Corner: Lex Luthor from DC

Lex Luthor is a character that the LEGO Group has made as an official minifigure several times, although the designers have never quite got the scale right – and this week’s Custom Corner from Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, takes a look at an inventive solution to this.

DC custom characters are some of the most common figures on Instagram, so it takes a lot to stand out, especially for a well-know character like Lex Luthor. This version by @kaiju_dan definitely accomplishes that, combining modified LEGO elements to create a uniquely scaled mech suit fit for Superman’s greatest villain. The torso is a heavily modified version of Axl’s from the NEXO KNIGHTS theme, cleverly extended using stud shooter triggers and Shocker’s gauntlets from the Spider-Man: Homecoming sets. The chest features an infinity stone piece inside the handle of a key piece to represent Kryptonite.

The creative use of stud shooter triggers continues down to the legs, which are almost entirely covered in them, the grooves on the side capturing the mechanical aesthetic perfectly. The head is an official part from the Lord of the Rings sets, but it’s a great likeness for Lex, and a modified gas mask element makes it flow seamlessly with the armour. The whole figure has a metallic, muted green and purple paint job, giving the figure a more realistic look than its comic book counterpart.

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Altogether, it’s the perfect size compared to a minifigure, not too small or ridiculously oversized like the LEGO Group’s versions of the character. This is some of @kaiju_dan’s best work, but he’s a very talented and versatile customiser, ranging from painted to purist to rendered figures, and it’s definitely worth browsing more of his customs on Instagram.

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