Custom Corner: Boba Fett

The Book of Boba Fett ended last week, and the LEGO Group hasn’t yet launched any sets based on it. It’s been left up to the fans, then, to recreate scenes from the show, as shown in this week’s Custom Corner from Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans.

This statue figure, by @benson_bone, depicts Boba Fett in his iconic pose sitting on Jabba’s throne. It features an incredible sculpted helmet with a poseable antenna, intricate gauntlets featuring wires connecting to the shoulder pads, and sculpted knee pads, all of which are accurately painted. The helmet even features a scratch across the visor and a dent on the forehead, making it feel much more battered than the LEGO Group’s official Mandalorian helmets. The rest of the armour is similarly weathered, adding to this effect. Boba’s black robes are represented by a sculpted scarf, shoulders and waist cape, and the grey lines across the figure’s arms, legs and torso.

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What really makes this figure stand out, however, isn’t the sculpt or the paint job, despite how great those both are, It’s the pose. The figure features two sets of arms and legs, both with the same detailing: one standard set, one 3D printed to allow Boba to sit on his throne. Each limb has been individually 3D modelled to achieve the right position, and the result is seamless. This pose is very clearly not possible for a standard minifigure, but it’s almost easy to forget that while looking at this figure, as it appears so natural. That’s not to mention that the throne itself is also 3D printed, with a similarly weathered look to Boba’s armour. Altogether, this figure is a testament to @benson_bone‘s skill as a customiser: it all comes together perfectly, and feels very realistic. If you like this figure, the rest of their work is absolutely worth checking out.

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