Best 2022 LEGO polybags to collect

It’s 2022 and it’s new LEGO polybag time! Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, is picking out some of the best new polybags from the 2022 selection. 

The LEGO polybag – small, affordable and accessible. Usually costing a humble £3.99 or $4.99, the LEGO polybag can serve as an introduction to a theme, a stocking stuffer for Christmas, an impulse buy or just a fun addition to a collection. Their low cost makes them ideal for collecting, since their lower price point makes them more attainable for the average LEGO fan. 

Polybags can be found throughout every LEGO theme, and 2022 brings quite a large selection of them to choose from. Here are some LEGO polybags that stand out from the rest this year…

30581 Tropical Parrot 

LEGO Creator has been on a roll when it comes to building animals. From 31088 Deep Sea Creatures to this year’s 31129 Majestic Tiger, 30581 Tropical Parrot is a fun animal to add to your collection for a fraction of the price of the other sets mentioned. 30581’s vibrant red, green, yellow and blue will add a burst of colour to your collection. 

30585 Fire Patrol Vehicle  

The LEGO City theme always has 4×4 vehicles available – what makes 30585 Fire Patrol Vehicle different? 30585 offers a taste of 2022’s line of City fire sets. The brand new yellow colour is included in the form of several slope pieces, along with the brand new dual moulded fire helmet. 

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30416 Market Stall 

LEGO Friends makes this list with 30416 Market Stall. Containing a colourful assortment of parts and accessories, 30416 will not only appeal to fans of LEGO Friends. Remove the mini-dolls and place the market stall right into your LEGO City layout – or keep the figures and add it to your Heartlake City display. Stand out prints include the bee, phone and coin.  

30433 Volvo Wheel Loader 

A licensed Technic set with a simple mechanism, 30433 Volvo Wheel Loader is both a great introduction to the LEGO Technic theme, as well as a fun looking toy. Use 30433’s bucket to pick up LEGO parts, or actual rocks and sand! For the more seasoned Technic fan, 30433 can be used as a parts pack.  

30587 Police Robot Unit 

Another LEGO City polybag makes this list with 30587 Police Robot Unit. The police robot concept feels fresh- especially after so many small helicopters, boats, and wheeled vehicles. A charging station is included, the perfect place to park the handcuff carrying robot. 

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30443 Spider-Man Bridge Battle

Don’t feel like purchasing 76184 Spider-Man vs. Mysterio’s Drone Attack just for the red and black Spiderman minifigure? Then look no further than 30443 Spider-Man Bridge Battle. While no bridge is included in this polybag, a great Spider-Man minifigure is. Plus, the drone included is equipped with two of the new mounted stud shooters and features a menacing green eye. 

30562 Monkie Kid’s Underwater Journey 

One of the best new polybags for 2022, 30562 Monkie Kid’s Underwater Journey sees the Monkie Kid travel to the depths of the ocean in search of his staff. The Monkie Kid minifigure sports dual-moulded legs and printed arms, as well as breathing apparatus and water flippers in teal. As a parts pack, 30562 includes two full skeletons, two orange crabs, a small vehicle, and one treasure chest with four gold bars. A nice bit of underwater foliage and algae are included, which warrant multiple buys to expand any underwater display. 

Polybags are available for such a wide variety of themes, chances are a few of these will end up in your collection. Are there any here that stand out to you? What polybags do you plan on picking up?  

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