A guide to Ahsoka in LEGO Star Wars

With 40539 Ahsoka Tano now available, here’s a guide to the previous appearances that the fan favourite character has made in LEGO Star Wars, from The Clone Wars to Rebels.

To celebrate the 150th LEGO Brickheadz set, the LEGO Group decided to have a fan vote at the end of 2020. The LEGO Ideas community was asked to pick a franchise from four options – Minecraft, Star Wars, Lilo and Stitch and Jaws. In the end, Star Wars won, making the 150th Brickheadz set none other than 40539 Ahsoka Tano

But who is Ahsoka, and why is she so popular? What other LEGO sets has she appeared in over the years? Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, takes a closer look at the fan favourite Star Wars character and her LEGO journey.  

Who is Ahsoka Tano? 

Ahsoka Tano made her debut in the 2008 animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars, as Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan. At the time, many Star Wars fans weren’t sure what to think of the new character. She was young, inexperienced and made mistakes – like any young person does. As fans watched her grow up throughout seven seasons of The Clone Wars animated TV show, they grew to appreciate and identify with the character. Ahsoka has also been featured in the animated successor to The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and most recently appeared in the live action show, The Mandalorian.  

Ahsoka + LEGO 

Ahsoka Tano is one of the most – if not the most – popular modern Star Wars characters. It’s not surprising she has starred in multiple LEGO sets – 11 to be exact. The first couple of sets to include Ahsoka were released in 2008 and the latest minifigure scale set was released in 2021. 

Padawan Ahsoka (Seasons 1-2) 

The LEGO Star Wars sets that include the youngest version of Padawan Ahsoka are 7675 AT-TE Walker, 8098 Clone Turbo Tank, 7680 The Twilight, 8037 Anakin’s Y-wing Starfighter and 7751 Ahsoka’s Starfighter and Vulture Droid. While 7675 and 8098 are both great sets, 7675 takes the lead as the best set to feature this version of Ahsoka. Based on a scene from the movie Star Wars: The Clone Wars, this is the first time viewers see Ahsoka in action, fighting Battle Droids as her AT-TE walker climbs a mountain vertically. 

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Padawan Ahsoka (Seasons 3-5)

Ahsoka, still a Padawan, changes out outfit starting in Season 3 of the show. She is older and more experienced, but still has a lot to learn. Only two LEGO sets feature this look – 75013 Umbaran MHC (Mobile Heavy Cannon) and 75046 Coruscant Police Gunship. 75046 stands out because it plays a prominent role in the final arc of Season 5, one that changed Ahoska’s relationship with the Jedi Order forever.  

Ahsoka (Season 7) 

No longer a Padawan learner, the Ahsoka Tano minifigure included in both 75310 Duel on Mandalore and 75283 Armored Assault Tank (AAT) features longer lekku (the long head-tails on her head) and dual blue lightsabers. 75310 stands out because it allows LEGO fans to recreate one of the best, if not the best, lightsaber fight from the entire run of The Clone Wars.  

Adult Ahsoka (Star Wars Rebels) 

Only one LEGO set includes the adult version of Ahsoka as seen in Star Wars Rebels – 75158 Rebel Combat Frigate. This minifigure of Ahsoka stands out from the rest for her darker orange skin. She also wields dark blue lightsabers, which are inaccurate to the white sabers she uses in the show. 

Today, Ahsoka is one of the most popular modern Star Wars characters. Spinning off of The Mandalorian, Rosario Dawson is set to star as the character in her own live-action show for Disney+. The most recent Ahsoka themed set, 40539, is available now. Check out Blocks’ review in issue Blocks Issue 87 here

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