What are adult LEGO collectors called?

You could call them nerds, you could call them geeks, but there’s actually a proper term for adult LEGO collectors! Find out the terminology you need to know to navigate the world of adult LEGO fandom.

Adult LEGO collectors are called AFOLs. AFOLs stands for Adult Fans of LEGO. One LEGO collector is called an AFOL, Adult Fan of LEGO.

AFOL doesn’t only apply to collectors though. Adult LEGO builders are called AFOLs too. So is anyone who has a passion for the LEGO brick and centres their hobby around it. All of the contestants on LEGO Masters are AFOLs.

Original models that AFOLs have created are called MOCs. MOC stands for My Own Creation.

There are also LEGO clubs where AFOLs gather to build, discuss the latest goings-on and plan events. Those clubs are called LEGO User Groups, or LUGs. Some LUGs have an affiliation with the LEGO Group and are given some support by the company – those LUGs are called RLUGs, or Recognised LEGO User Groups.

Not everyone wants to go to physical meet-ups though and there are many people who join Facebook groups or forums to discuss the hobby. Many AFOLs though are just happy enough enjoying the hobby by themselves and building models at home.

Some AFOLs go on to start a career at the LEGO Group – very talented builders can get jobs as LEGO model designers, designing the sets that are then sold in stores. If you want your model to be released as a set but don’t want to relocate to the Billund headquarters though, you can submit your own creations to LEGO Ideas, the platform where fan designs can become official products.

If you’re new to the LEGO hobby and want to get deeper into it – with more thorough, in-depth content than you can find online – then take out a subscription to Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine.