The LEGO parts you need to build science lab benches

Would you like to build a science lab for your LEGO minifigures? Then here is a list of all the pieces you need to construct two benches with equipment!

There are many scientific LEGO minifigures and what better to build for them than a lab? A couple of benches with scientific equipment are the perfect setting for minifigures wearing lab coats.

The instructions for building two science lab benches are in Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, Issue 108. You can buy the magazine here. If you subscribe to Blocks, you’ll get at least three new sets of LEGO build instructions in every monthly edition!

Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, provides exclusive instructions for models you won’t find anywhere else. You can follow the instructions closely and build the exact model shown, or take them as inspiration to build something similar but unique. Either way, these builds are a great way to learn techniques and upgrade your LEGO building skills.

Use this list to buy the bricks you need from BrickLink or’s Pick and Build service.

Brick IDNameColourQuantity
99207Bracket – 2×2 InvertedReddish Brown4
99780Bracket – 1×2 InvertedReddish Brown1
98138pb010Tile, Round – 1×1 Gauge PrintLight Bluish Grey1
3069bTile – 1×2Reddish Brown1
3068bTile – 2×2Black1
26603Tile – 2×4Black1
87079Tile – 2×4Reddish Brown1
87079Tile – 2×4Black2
2412bTile, Modified – GrilleDark Bluish Grey4
33909Tile, Modified – 2×2 w/ Studs on EdgeReddish Brown8
15712Tile, Modified – 1×1 w/ Open ClipDark Bluish Grey4
20482Tile, Round – 1×1 w/ Bar & Pin HolderBlack2
34816Brick, Modified – 1×2 w/ Bar Handle EndReddish Brown2
4070Brick, Modified – Erling BrickReddish Brown6
3004Brick – 1×2Reddish Brown2
85861Plate, Round – 1×1 w/ Open StudDark Green2
4073Plate, Round – 1×1Trans Yellow1
35480Plate, Round – 1×2 w/ Open StudsLight Bluish Grey2
3023Plate – 1×2Black1
3023Plate – 1×2Reddish Brown3
3022Plate – 2×2Reddish Brown2
3021Plate – 2×3Reddish Brown1
3795Plate – 2×6Reddish Brown2
3794bPlate, Modified – 1×2 w/ One StudLight Bluish Grey3
34103Plate, Modified – 1×3 w/ Two StudsLight Bluish Grey1
4081bPlate, Modified – 1×1 w/ Light AttachmentBlack1
4081bPlate, Modified – 1×1 w/ Light AttachmentLight Bluish Grey1
23969Panel – 1x2x1 w/ Two SidesTrans Blue2
4599bTap – 1×1 Nozzle EndLight Bluish Grey1
30377Arm, Mechanical – Battle DroidLight Bluish Grey1
4079bSeatDark Green2
4697bPneumatic – T PieceLight Bluish Grey2
30663Vehicle – Steering Wheel SmallLight Bluish Grey2
85975Cone – FezBlack1