The LEGO parts you need to build a mini 76417 Gringotts Bank

Would you like to build a mini version of LEGO Harry Potter 76417 Gringotts Wizarding Bank – Collectors’ Edition? Then here is a list of all the pieces you need!

LEGO Harry Potter 76417 Gringotts Wizarding Bank – Collectors’ Edition is an impressive, towering set – but you need deep pockets to buy it and a big space to display it. This mini version is a fun alternative that fits on your desk at work or on a bookcase next to your Harry Potter books.

The instructions for the mini Gringotts Bank model are in Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, Issue 108. You can buy the magazine here. If you subscribe to Blocks, you’ll get at least three new sets of LEGO build instructions in every monthly edition!

Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, provides exclusive instructions for models you won’t find anywhere else. You can follow the instructions closely and build the exact model shown, or take them as inspiration to build something similar but unique. Either way, these builds are a great way to learn techniques and upgrade your LEGO building skills.

Brick IDNameColourQuantity
3070bTile – 1×1Light Blue1
3069bTile – 1×2Light Blue1
24246Tile, Round – 1×1 Half CircleLight Bluish Grey3
35480Plate, Round – 1×2 w/ Open StudsBlack2
85861Plate, Round – 1×1 w/ Open StudWhite4
63868Plate, Modified – 1×2 w/ Clip on EndDark Bluish Grey2
4070Brick, Modified – Erling BrickDark Bluish Grey3
4070Brick, Modified – Erling BrickDark Red1
553cBrick, Round – 2×2 DomeGold1
15712Tile, Modified – 1×1 w/ Open ClipDark Bluish Grey2
54200Cheese SlopeDark Bluish Grey1
98138Tile, Round 1×1Trans Clear2
75c15Hose, Rigid – 3 mm D. 15L/12 cmLight Bluish Grey1
43723Wedge, Plate – 3×2 LeftWhite1
43722Wedge, Plate – 3×2 RightWhite1
6565Wedge – 3×2 LeftWhite3
6564Wedge – 3×2 RightWhite3
28192Slope – 45 2×1 w/ Cutout Without StudDark Bluish Grey1
60481Slope – 65 2x1x2Dark Bluish Grey2
4460bSlope – 75 2x1x3Dark Bluish Grey1
3040Slope – 45 2×1Dark Bluish Grey1
3665Slope, InvertedDark Bluish Grey3
87087Brick, Modified – 1×1 w/ Stud on SideSand Green1
32952Brick, Modified – 1x1x12/3 w/ Studs on SideDark Bluish Grey1
3024Plate – 1×1Dark Bluish Grey3
3024Plate – 1×1Dark Red1
4032Plate – 2×2White2
3020Plate – 2×4Dark Bluish Grey1
3031Plate – 4×4Dark Bluish Grey2
4589Cone – 1×1Black1