The LEGO parts you need to build a mini 75367 Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser

Would you like to build a mini version of 75367 Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser? Then here is a list of all the pieces you need to construct the LEGO Star Wars: The Clone Wars capital ship!

75367 Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser is the enormous new LEGO Star Wars set. If you want a version of the massive Clone starship, this is the microscale build for you.

The instructions for building mini 75367 Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser are in Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, Issue 110. You can buy the magazine here. If you subscribe to Blocks, you’ll get at least three new sets of LEGO build instructions in every monthly edition!

Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, provides exclusive instructions for models you won’t find anywhere else. You can follow the instructions closely and build the exact model shown, or take them as inspiration to build something similar but unique. Either way, these builds are a great way to learn techniques and upgrade your LEGO building skills.

Use this list to buy the bricks you need from BrickLink or’s Pick and Build service.

Brick IDNameColourQuantity
3070bTile – 1×1Light Bluish Grey3
63864Tile – 1×3Black1
4162Tile – 1×8Dark Red1
24246Tile, Round – 1×1 Half CircleLight Bluish Grey4
20482Tile, Round – 1×1 w/ Bar & Pin HolderLight Bluish Grey2
20482Tile, Round – 1×1 w/ Bar & Pin HolderBlack2
2412bTile, Modified – 1×2 GrilleLight Bluish Grey2
2412bTile, Modified – 1×2 GrilleDark Red4
88646Tile, Modified – 3×4 w/ 4 Studs in Center CM BaseplateBlack2
54200Cheese SlopeLight Bluish Grey2
61409Slope, 1×2 w/ GrilleLight Bluish Grey2
3040Slope, 1×2Light Bluish Grey3
4286Slope, 1×3Light Bluish Grey1
60481Slope 2x1x2Light Bluish Grey2
4460bSlope 2x1x3Light Bluish Grey1
87087Brick, Modified – 1×1 w/ Stud on SideLight Bluish Grey3
11211Brick, Modified – 1×2 w/ Studs on SideLight Bluish Grey2
30414Brick, Modified – 1×4 w/ Studs on SideLight Bluish Grey4
87087Brick, Modified – 1×1 w/ Stud on SideLight Bluish Grey5
3062bBrick, Round – 1×1Light Bluish Grey4
3024Plate – 1×1Light Bluish Grey9
3023Plate – 1×2Light Bluish Grey5
3623Plate – 1×3Light Bluish Grey4
3710Plate – 1×4Light Bluish Grey2
3666Plate – 1×6Light Bluish Grey4
3460Plate – 1×8Light Bluish Grey2
4477Plate – 1×10Light Bluish Grey4
3021Plate – 2×3Light Bluish Grey4
26601Wedge, Plate – 2×2Light Bluish Grey8
50305Wedge, Plate – 8×3 Pentagonal LeftLight Bluish Grey2
50304Wedge, Plate – 8×3 Pentagonal RightLight Bluish Grey2
4073Plate, Round – 1×1Trans Blue6
4073Plate, Round – 1×1Light Bluish Grey3
26047Plate, Round – 1×1 w/ Bar HandleLight Bluish Grey4
35480Plate, Round – 1×2 w/ Open StudsDark Bluish Grey4
60478Plate, Modified – 1×2 w/ Bar Handle on EndLight Bluish Grey1
4081bPlate, Modified – 1×1 w/ Light AttachmentLight Bluish Grey6
32028Plate, Modified – 1×2 w/ Door RailLight Bluish Grey4
3005Brick – 1×1Light Bluish Grey1
62462Technic, Connector – Pin Joiner RoundLight Bluish Grey4
64644Minifigure, Utensil – TelescopeBlack2
32828Bar – 1L w/ 1×1 Round Plate w/ Hollow StudLight Bluish Grey12