The LEGO parts you need to build a mini 6894 Invader

Would you like to build a mini version of LEGO Space Blacktron 6894 Invader? Then here is a list of all the pieces you need!

There are some classic sets that are just great fun to replicate at different sizes – and 6894 Invader, from the LEGO Space Blacktron subtheme is definitely one of them. The instructions for the mini model are in Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, Issue 108. You can buy the magazine here. If you subscribe to Blocks, you’ll get at least three new sets of LEGO build instructions in every monthly edition!

Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, provides exclusive instructions for models you won’t find anywhere else. You can follow the instructions closely and build the exact model shown, or take them as inspiration to build something similar but unique. Either way, these builds are a great way to learn techniques and upgrade your LEGO building skills.

Use this list to buy the bricks you need from BrickLink or’s Pick and Build service.

Brick IDNameColourQuantity
6125Plate, Modified w/ Open O ClipBlack2
60470bPlate, Modified w/ 2 Open O ClipsBlack4
48336Plate, Modified 1×2 w/ Bar HandleBlack4
99206Plate, Modified 2x2x2/3 w/ 2 Studs on SideBlack1
26601Wedge, Plate 2×2 Cut CornerBlack4
43723Wedge, Plate 3×2 LeftBlack1
43722Wedge, Plate 3×2 RightBlack1
51739Wedge, Plate 2×4Black1
3023Plate, 1×2Black3
3795Plate, 2×6Black2
3034Plate, 2×8Black1
85861Plate, Round 1×1 w/ Open StudBlack2
85861Plate, Round 1×1 w/ Open StudLight Bluish Grey1
18674Tile, Round 2×2 w/ Open StudBlack1
3070bTile, 1×1Trans Red12
98138Tile, Round 1×1Trans Red2
54200Cheese SlopeBlack2
54200Cheese SlopeYellow2
85984Double Cheese SlopeBlack5
2429c01Hinge, Plate 1×4Black2
99781Bracket, 1×2Black1
99780Bracket, 1×2 InvertedBlack1
30602Slope, Curved 2×2 LipTrans Yellow1