Issue 61


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Blocks magazine Issue 61 is ready for the spooky season with a look at the LEGO Hidden Side sets to assess how the mixed reality models have turned out.

CONTROL+ is the new LEGO system providing a revolutionary way of controlling the powerful functions in Technic sets. Blocks speaks to LEGO Designer Markus Kossman and the Technic team for all of the insight into how it was developed and what fans can expect from it.

As well as looking at what is new from the LEGO Group, this issue goes back 20 years to when Rock Raiders arrived on the shelves in the brand-new Blockstalgia section. Chris Wharfe takes a look back at the various sets in the theme while Daniel Konstanski provides instructions for building a modern version of the classic Rock Monster.

This month’s build section captures iconic video games in a series of models inspired by custom minifigures. Beloved titles such as Fallout, Uncharted, Street Fighter II and Tomb Raider are captured in a series of expertly designed builds that are sure to provide a sizeable dose of inspiration.

With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on the way, this issue looks at 10 things the sets reveal about the new movie, counts down the top 10 sequel trilogy sets and finds space for an opinion piece suggesting the new range lacks originality.

Author Abbie Headon explains the benefits of relaxing with LEGO bricks, Simon Pickard reveals how bar pieces can be used in all manner of builds and Jun Heng Wong shares a report from Japan Brick Fest.

This is just a taste of what is found in this month’s magazine, with regulars such as BrickPicker, the Blocks Conversation, Month in MOCs, Ideas Showcase, Hot Topic and This LEGO Life all packed between the covers as well. Brick Wife gets the send-off she deserves with a round-up of her highlights.