Blocks Christmas Minifigure




Blocks Christmas Minifigure is the latest exclusive minifigure from Blocks magazine. This special edition character uses authentic LEGO parts. This edition will only be available this year as it features a special 2020 tile!

Exclusive Blocks magazine LEGO minifigures have proven popular over the years, so we are pleased to unveil the brand new Blocks Christmas Minifigure for the holiday season! This exclusive character uses authentic, 100% official LEGO elements, with unique printing that can’t be found anywhere else.

This product is not just the Blocks Christmas minifigure, but also includes a tile sending a Christmas message, especially designed for 2020. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for a LEGO fan.

Special offer – only £5.99 (overseas will be plus postage) with a Blocks magazine subscription!

This special edition minifigure is even cheaper when purchased alongside a print subscription. Just add the minifigure to the cart, use coupon code Xmas1 at checkout, and get a Blocks Christmas Minifigure bargain.

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