Bonus Mod Squad: 31104 Monster Burger Truck

Hello, Blocks readers! If you’ve found your way to this page, you’ve probably done so through Issue 69‘s Mod Squad section, which shows you how to convert your LEGO Creator 31104 Monster Burger Truck into a regular food truck (that still maintains the monster motif). If you haven’t got your hands on Issue 69 yet, it’s now available to order.

This bonus mod by Daniel Konstanski gives you another option for customising the 3-in-1 set. While food trucks are fun, some layouts call for food districts, or you may just want to add a small restaurant to your city.

The monster truck style does not easily translate to a stationary structure, so we again ran with the literal monster interpretation when creating this food stand. While this build closely mimics the size, colour and layout of the original set, it requires a full rebuild from the ground up, so start by fully disassembling the Monster Burger Truck.


Since no wheel wells are required, and for ease of inclusion in a layout, this model is constructed on a flat base. Begin by building up from the ground level. Most of the necessary parts are from the official set, but some additional pieces will be needed.


The main components of this model are the four monster heads, each hungrily eyeing the burger that comes with the official set on the roof of the food stand. They have all been constructed in the vein of other brick-built Creator creatures. Each will be constructed separately here, and incorporated into the roof of the model in the next step.


As with the previous mod, this roof is substantially different enough from the original set that it is a ground-up build, as opposed to modifying the original version. However, many of the same pieces are used. Construct the roof and then, using the stands, attach the heads from the previous step.


Place the roof on the food stand to complete the model. Much of the aesthetic and color of the original set has been maintained, while also being transformed into something far spookier and more befitting the ‘monster’ moniker. Be sure to send us photos of your own copy of these mods proudly displayed in your CITY layout!