Get a completely free LEGO magazine

Sure, you’re getting Blocks magazine every month for the latest, in-depth LEGO features, with reviews, techniques and incredible MOCs. But what if you could also get a completely free LEGO magazine to keep the kids entertained?

LEGO Life Magazine is for children aged between five and nine years old. it’s an official LEGO magazine that includes comics, posters, kids’ creations and activities. It arrives four times per year – and best of all it’s a completely free LEGO magazine! Just sign up here to register your child for the magazine, and they’ll feel the excitement of having their own magazine come through the letterbox.

While LEGO Life Magazine is great for kids – and obsessive collectors who want anything with the LEGO logo on – it isn’t the in-depth experience for adult fans, or even older children who have aged out of it. For the most in-depth analysis of the LEGO news, exclusive interviews and peeks inside the LEGO archives, incredible one-off builds and much, much more, you need Blocks magazine. It’s 116 pages and arrives every single month.

Subscribers to Blocks magazine now have the chance to win LEGO prizes every single month. They also get the magazine early every month, save money compared to buying single issues and never miss an issue! So once you’ve signed up for a free LEGO magazine for the kids, be sure to sign up for a Blocks subscription for the big kids!

To get Blocks every month order a 12-month or 24-month subscription. Direct debit payment options are available too; to find out more get in touch via