Custom Corner: Freddie Mercury

After the release of the Beatles sets, many fans hoped LEGO would give the same treatment to other iconic musicians. Although they haven’t done so yet, that hasn’t stopped the customising community from stepping in – and this week’s Custom Corner from Blocks, the LEGO magazine for fans, showcases one of the most iconic singers of all time – Freddie Mercury.

This figure by @tossyfigs is based on his performance at Live Aid in 1985, considered by many to be Queen’s best live performance of all time. The pose perfectly captures this performance, its sculpted legs bent and one arm raised triumphantly. This gives the figure a real lifelike quality, which is emphasised by the incredible paint job. The attention to detail is stunning, even including painted armpit hair, and the simple shading style works very well on this outfit. Even the top and sides of the torso are painted, a level of detail that would be impossible on an official figure.

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Another thing that makes this figure so impressive is the face, a perfect likeness for Freddie Mercury. The raised eyebrows, squinting eyes and open mouth create a flamboyant, energetic expression, and the moustache and sculpted hair help to make this an instantly recognisable figure. The thing that ties the whole figure together is the microphone stand. It’s one of the most iconic parts of the performance, and is recreated cleverly using a lightsaber blade and a cut minifigure hand, both painted silver, with an official microphone piece attached to the top. The figure is a great tribute to one of the best musicians of all time. Check out @tossyfigs’ page for more figures like this, they are one of the best sculptors in the community.

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