Blockstalgia Rebuild: Exo-Force

Exo-Force was the LEGO Group’s first serious foray into the world of brick-built mechs and provided the foundations for some truly impressive products in themes like Monkie Kid. However, it was also populated by a host of ancillary battle machines, which have not been explored nearly as thoroughly by the company in the years since Exo-Force was retired.

That made 7709 Sentai Fortress included a great candidate for a modern upgrade. The set included two impressive mechs, but also a small spider-like battle machine with a cannon on its back. That spider cannon Is the machine selected for a refresh.

Since this build is an update of the original model, it assumes the robots have advanced their technology since the mid-2000s. Rather than a drone torso to serve as the brain, a 360-degree eye is placed in a protective housing beneath the body. This conveniently means that you won’t have to scrounge around for a nearly 20-year-old part.