What do you get a boy who loves LEGO?

Maybe Christmas is coming up, maybe a birthday is coming up and you know a LEGO-loving boy who is absolutely obsessed with the plastic bricks. What do you get for him? How do you be sure to not buy a LEGO set he already has?

Box of bricks

For a boy who loves building original creations, a classic LEGO box of bricks could be the way to go. Children who like to build their own things can never have enough bricks and there are some great options in the LEGO Classic range. There are different box of all shapes and sizes, ranging from 213 to 1,601 piece boxes. While it might seem like the obvious option, these are likely to help spark a child’s creative side.

LEGO magazine subscription

If this is a boy that really, really loves LEGO and he enjoys getting deeper into the bricks, then it might time to get them a subscription to Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine. It contains articles showing how professional LEGO designers make the sets, it contains guides for improving your own original creations and inpirational models made by talented builders from all over the world. If they spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos about LEGO sets, this is a good way to get them away from the screen and encourage them to read more.

A personalised LEGO mosaic

A boy who loves LEGO would love to have a self portrait made of bricks on their wall, right? 40179 Mosaic Maker is the perfect gift for a LEGO fan, as it is completely personal. You just upload a good photo of them to LEGO.com when you order the set and they’ll send you a special mosaic box. You can then follow the personalised template to make your own face as a LEGO portrait and hang in on the wall.

Clothing and bags

As LEGO continues to be a cool hobby for boys, it’s the right time to show off the LEGO love with a t-shirt or backpack. There is always a nice range of clothing available at LEGO.com, often including t-shirts and sweaters. For day-to-day use though, a LEGO bag could be a great option that they could wear to school.

LEGO gift card

Of course the easy way out is to get a boy who loves LEGO a gift card so they can choose whatever LEGO sets they want a LEGO.com. The website has pretty much every current LEGO set in stock, so it gives them the maximum amount of choice. With a gift card, you don’t have to figure out if they prefer Marvel or DC, or if they already have the latest Star Wars set.