The LEGO parts you need to build a snowmobile

Would you like to build a snowmobile to send your minifigures off on adventures in? Then here is a list of all the pieces you need to construct this compact snowmobile!

The Arctic has been a favourite destination for City’s explorers over the years. Intrepid minifigures have made several trips to the Arctic utilising a variety of vehicles. This year’s expedition features orange surrounded by two shades of blue and appears to be the most well-funded trip yet, with an arsenal of vehicles from boats to submarines.

However, the small snowmobile set left the Blocks crew a little cold. It’s a strange shape, can only fit one person and doesn’t have any sides to keep figures from falling off. This new version is a bit bigger and adheres more to an actual snowmobile’s shape. You can have cargo or another explorer in the back as the little vehicle travels across snow blown ridges in search of wildlife.

The instructions for building this snowmobile are in Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, Issue 110. You can buy the magazine here. If you subscribe to Blocks, you’ll get at least three new sets of LEGO build instructions in every monthly edition!

Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, provides exclusive instructions for models you won’t find anywhere else. You can follow the instructions closely and build the exact model shown, or take them as inspiration to build something similar but unique. Either way, these builds are a great way to learn techniques and upgrade your LEGO building skills.

Use this list to buy the bricks you need from BrickLink or’s Pick and Build service.

Brick IDNameColourQuantity
3070bTile – 1×1Orange1
3070bTile – 1×1Black1
63864Tile – 1×3Orange2
3068bTile – 2×2Black2
32828Bar – 1L w/ 1×1 Round Plate w/ Hollow StudBlack1
87994Bar – 3LBlack1
54200Cheese SlopeOrange1
54200Cheese SlopeTrans Black1
54200Cheese SlopeTeal2
4595Brick, Modified – 1x2x2/3 w/ Studs on SidesBlack1
3024Plate – 1×1Dark Blue2
3023Plate – 1×2Teal6
3023Plate – 1×2Orante2
3021Plate – 2×3Teal1
3020Plate – 2×4Black1
3794bPlate, Modified – Jumper PlateOrange1
3794bPlate, Modified – Jumper PlateBlack2
18677Plate, Modified – 1×2 w/ Pin Hole on BottomBlack1
60470bPlate, Modified – 1×2 w/ Open ClipsOrange1
49307Slope, Curved – 1×1Teal2
11477Slope, Curved – 1×2Orange4
15068Slope, Curved – 2×2Orange1
29120Slope, Curved – 1×2 Wedge LeftOrange1
29119Slope, Curved – 1×2 Wedge RightOrange1
2780Technic, Pin – Pin w/ Friction RidgesBlack6
6558Technic, Pin – 3L Pin w/ Friction RidgesBlue1
43857Technic, Liftarm – 1×2Black1
32316Technic, Liftarm – 1×5Dark Bluish Grey4
15540Helicopter Landing Ski 1×6Dark Bluish Grey1
3700Technic, Brick – 1×2 w/ HoleBlack1
99207Bracket 1×2 – 2×2 InvertedOrange3
28802Bracket – 1×2 – 1×4Black2
4865bPanel – 1x2x1Black1
11455Technic, Pin Connector Perpendicular 2×4 BentBlack1
43723Wedge, Plate – 3×2 LeftOrange1
43722Wedge, Plate – 3×2 RightOrange1