Blockstalgia Rebuild: Dino Chopper

As featured in Blocks magazine Issue 86, here are the full instructions for building the Dino Chopper!

Dino was the quintessential example of a one-and-done theme. Never envisioned as lasting more than one wave, it delivered a few solid sets to help fill out shelves and appeal to children and collectors with a penchant for dinosaurs. Due to that limited run, it never got the chance to explore beyond a few basic vehicles.

Thankfully, that’s something we can resolve at Blocks HQ. A support helicopter feels like a key addition to the range – something that can get team members in and out, while providing some offensive support against those pesky dinosaurs. Say hello to the Dino Chopper.

Modelled after a Huey, it contains an interior large enough to transport personnel and cargo, along with gatling guns, net launchers and tranquiliser pods. Though a little bit rarer now as the theme is nearly a decade old, sticker sheets from Dino can often still be had relatively cheaply – the addition of which really sells the model as part of that original 2012 line-up.