Rebuild: Cosmic Cruiser

Here are the full instructional steps for Blocks magazine Issue 88’s exclusive Rebuild model.

Something Classic Space did exceptionally well was the mid-sized set. Especially in its early days, large capital ships were still a few years away, so fleets were filled out with a variety of small and medium offerings. 6890 Cosmic Cruiser from 1982 is one such set. This single-person craft had a rear hatch that opened up to release a small space scooter, boasted a great colour scheme that was totally representative of the theme and featured multiple blasters.

Just a little smaller than today’s Jedi Starfighters, it fit perfectly in the hand and was eminently swooshable. At $11 – approximately $30 or £22 today – it could be had with some dedicated allowance saving. While it still oozes nostalgic charm, there is no doubt that, much like all of the early Classic Space sets, it is a bit blocky to modern eyes. Accordingly, it’s getting a modern update.