LEGO VIP becomes LEGO Insiders

LEGO VIP, the brand for the company’s reward scheme that launched in 2009, is being retired in favour of LEGO Insiders. This is predominantly a new name for the same scheme, but there are a few changes to how user accounts function and the data that the LEGO Group will collect.

The change will occur on August 21.

One of the new features is that most LEGO accounts will be connected – so there will be a single login for, LEGO Ideas, LEGO Life, LEGO Insiders reward portal and LEGO Insiders Community.

When it comes to the actual rewards scheme, little is changing – you’ll still be able to exchange points for discount vouchers and you’ll still be able to ‘buy’ rewards with points (and then need to place an order to redeem them).

There will be additional ways to accrue points, with just one launching initially. When you buy a set, you will be able to scan a QR code in the instruction book and earn 20 points (you’ll still need to scan the set separately if you use the LEGO Builder app). What’s more, each QR code is unique, so if you buy more than one copy of the same set, you can earn more points.

Global LEGO Insiders Director Jason Whiting confirmed that the data provided will be useful to the LEGO Group: ‘We’re looking at how can we use that data to create new experiences. I can’t go into details, but you can assume what that could potentially look like.

‘For the LEGO Group, we get to really know what is in that household. So today our marketing is very, very static. We’re going to communicate about what we think you’re interested in, but you might find a situation where we’re sending you an email that’s actually not that relevant because you already own the set.

‘We can use this information to make sure that we recommend better products for you, we could potentially stop sending you information about products you already have. We’re really looking at how we can be better at personalising those experiences that we already have today by actually knowing what you have, not just what you potentially have bought within a LEGO Store or’

The company has been trialling LEGO Insiders Community for the past year and it is a collection of articles, predominantly about collecting LEGO sets – it’s essentially an adult version of LEGO Life. It is accessed using the same login details that that you use for the rest of

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