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Try Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, for free!

For one week only, you can try a back issue of Blocks, the monthly LEGO magazine, for free – all you pay is the postage. Blocks is the monthly LEGO magazine for fans of the brick. It’s packed with exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with LEGO experts, build inspiration, techniques and tips, LEGO set reviews and much,…

If you were a LEGO minifigure, which set would you live in?

Maybe you made a wish upon a shooting star or put a LEGO piece under your pillow. Whatever you did, it worked! You’re now a four centimetre tall LEGO minifigure … and there’s no turning back. Unfortunately, you’re a minifigure without a home to call your own in a world where teeth marks are the…

LEGO 2K Drive: Hands-on first impressions

Here is Blocks magazine’s first reaction to LEGO 2K Drive, based on a few hours sitting down with the game, taking on races, exploring the open world and building a car… Blocks recently had the pleasure of visiting 2K’s London offices to spend a few hours playing the upcoming LEGO 2K Drive on a fancy,…

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