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Top Five LEGO Star Wars Clone Trooper battle packs

With the minifigure 332nd recently arriving to storm Mandalore, Blocks ranks the five best LEGO Star Wars Clone Trooper battle packs… Clone Troopers have been a part of LEGO Star Wars battle packs since they first arrived on shelves in 2007. They immediately became a mainstay in the battle pack lineup; it was rare for…

How to make a better LEGO Star Wars Jacen Syndulla minifigure

LEGO Star Wars fans might be disappointed by Jacen Syndulla’s minifigure in 75357 The Ghost & Phantom II, so Blocks has a quick fix to help him match the Ahsoka series on Disney+.  As Ahsoka Tano leads a mission to the strange planet of Seatos in search of Grand Admiral Thrawn, she’s joined once again…

The top five LEGO Winter Village sets

LEGO Winter Village sets have become a Christmas tradition and Blocks is picking out the best sets from the beloved series. A wonderful winter draws closer and closer as we enter fall. Some are counting down the days, while others are just happy not to shovel. No matter your feelings towards the inevitable sheet of…

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